Does local chat mean online

I’ve seen multiple characters that look like the same player show up at the same time. Like “John Doe 01, John Doe 02, John Doe 03” all the same age.

I’m a bit confused as to what local chat actually includes.
If a player shows up in local chat are they actually online and playing that character?

To appear in any chat channel in game you have to be logged into the game. Most chat channels can be entered no matter where you are in the universe, but local is different. Local is a specific channel for the solar system that you are currently in. Some people choose to have several accounts, and there’s nothing stopping people from having similar names if they so choose.

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I have 3 characters (one account) in three different stations. If I log into one of the characters do I show up on local in all three? Just wondering. Thanks


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To add to this, this is only when local is working properly. Last year CCP did an overhaul on the chat system for future-proofing, but they’ve had bumps along the way and sometimes local spazzes out and can show players that aren’t there, or forget to show players that are there. But the frequency of these issues seems to be diminishing. (Good work CCP!!)

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Ok thanks. It is good to know. As I was roaming null sec a couple of days ago players in local were ignoring me. A lowly noob flying an Executioner. I wondered if they were actually there. I guess I just wasn’t worth the ammo. lol

When you see several characters with names (and/or portraits sometimes) that indicate they’re probably part of a group, often one player is multiboxing all of them.

Roaming null-sec is nearly pointless due to the ”local-chat”
As soon as you jump in the system… you will appear in local chat!
It does not take any skill.
It does not depend how your ship is equipped.
It does not matter how you pilot ur ship.
Locals can instantly warp to a station and dock up!
And they will be 100% safe!
Just pay attention to local chat!

It’s one of the most rediciulous game mechanics can be.

Local tells who’s there, and if they are blinky, but not what they’re up to. Are they camping a gate, staging for a roam, mining in a group, chilling afk in a station - no idea. So recon and/or attention is helpful.

Nullsec roaming is still fun.

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So why aren’t you living in a worm-hole ? I would have thought its lack of local would be your idea of heaven.

I live in wormhole!
Sadly not many others live there or I am just unlucky finding any activity.

I dont want to turn this topic into another local or not, but as I saw the author mentioned roaming in null sec, and it kinda crippled in me to mention that I find it extremely boring having local in null sec.
In my experience they all dock up as soon as you jump in local… unless they have counter fleet ready that usually turn out to be very OP. But it’s ok! Cuz I am the aggressor and it’s still better then finding 50people in local and all docked up!

people in local are online, but they can be watching netflix. Being logged in doesn’t mean actively playing

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I roamed null sec for hours. Scanning signatures and found nothing. Finally I found a data site… which I couldn’t run because I didn’t bring the analyzer for. I went back to pick up my Exploration fitted ship but by the time I got back someone was already running the site. I headed home disappointed.

However, on the way home I scanned down 3 different relic sites and got 15 mil plus a blueprint that isn’t on the market and probably worth several tens of millions I think.

I did then get bubbled on the way home, but nobody came to kill me and was able to burn out.

In the end it was worth it.

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That makes sense,

I think part of the problem is that noobs like myself think that null-sec is so dangerous that everybody hangs in low and hi sec.

I think if they made null sec more lucrative it would bring more players out of low and hi sec. The risk/reward metric. Even just more signatures to scan would help. They don’t have to have massively more expensive loot than low sec. Just make more of them.

BPCs cannot be sold on market, you would have to use contracts if you ever wanted to sell it or check the price by browsing other contracts.

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