Charaters in multiple locals?

Anyone else seeing the same name in multiple system locals at the same time? I thought they where very good at following me, so i stuck one in side of the gate and another on another side of the gate and the same toon occupied a spot in each system’s local. Is this new?

Mumu Ivanovna is currently in at least 3 different local systems at the same time.

yes it was the same for me yesterday

You know the chat system is still shaken? Or did you see them on different grids or stations simultaneously?

But they aren’t the only character i’ve seen. There are Goon toons and PH toons that have done the same thing. They are usually around trade hubs and the HighSec highway systems to/from other hubs. The same exact name in 2/3 locals as you go through you see them. I see them more because they blink as war targets to me.

In local CHAT. Which has been buggy for weeks.

Greetings from WH, don’t rely on local chat as your single source of information.

Yes there is some chat bug occurring where people not in a system are showing up in local chat. Had that happening all last night myself. The good news is that they are really only in one system so if you have enough other Intel you know which local entries to ignore. Still an annoyance though.

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