Player-made ships

All the ships aren’t made by players. It’s a problem the small industrialists who tries to eck out a living in crazy galaxy called New Eden faces everyday.
Every station gives new corvettes to just anyone! And the agents also give new ships. It’s not an acceptable situation. Small industrialists lose millions of isk per hours through ships just summoned out of thin air.
That situation cannot go on. Someone needs to do something about it. I call on all members of CSM to consider the situation and give acceptable alternatives that can benefit everyone.

Corvettes are free ships, yet are no competition for any player-made ships because they’re terribly bad.

Agents give new ships to new players as part of the career agent missions, which could be considered a problem, but as it is done on a small scale for T1 frigates, destroyers and haulers in certain stations, I’m sure that industrialists can find better markets for those ships elsewhere or make more advanced ships.

A bigger problem is the regular influx of massive amounts of SoCT ships )Sunesis, Praxis, Gnosis) that can be redeemed anywhere in the game. These ships, sizes ranging from shuttles to battleships, are decent in combat and often good ships to fly and are indeed problematic ‘free ships summoned out of thin air’ that reduce the demand for other battlecruisers battleships and destroyers. The destroyer is even considered one of the best low-entry small scale haulers.

I do like the SoCT ships though, and wouldn’t like to see them gone. And I also think they’re good rewards during events.

My suggestion:
instead of giving us these ships, give us the blueprints for the Sunesis, Praxis and Gnosis.

One-run blueprint copies with no skill requirements and no advanced materials. If these ships are given to players in the form of blueprints they still enter the game but are no unfair competition to industrialists and cannot be spawned anywhere in the game in massive amounts unless people build the ships there.


Firstly, it is a limited range of ships that are impacted here - and while each character may get an “almost unlimited number of” corvettes the market to sell them, even if they had to be bought, would be minimal. Simply: they are not good ships.

The ships given out by career agents are both limited in number and as part of a time consuming sequence of missions. OK, you may have an impact on the Executioner market (do they still give an Executioner? - it’s been a long time!) then make Punishers instead. The impact is also regional - the “free” Executioner is given out in Domain - near to Amarr. It doesn’t impact the market around Jita that much.

The biggest problem facing “small industrialists” is they don’t understand economics - they believe that “if I mine it it is free, so everything I make is a profit”. If the phrase “Opportunity Cost” doesn’t mean something to you’ll be in that group.

I bootstrapped myself from nothing through T1 inudstry to where I am now. Obviously that makes me biased because being a “small industrialist” is something I succeeded at.

Basically “what @Gerard_Amatin beat me to at saying” - with his smart addition of concern over the SoCT ships which I do think are a problem, but not a bad problem as they are, in general, worse than the more specifically focused Empire T1 hulls.

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Is big problem for small-time industrialists trying to make ends meet. Situation is unacceptable.

And there is that too. Though different scenario.

I like that idea. Where CSM?

Why so cheap? Give 10 runs!

They still give Pinishers and Executioners. Players could be making those ships. Not acceptable for player-run economy.

Yes, those ships can maybe overlooked, if it’s collector’s item.

All ships should be player-built with very few exceptions. Small industrialists should not get the shaft because CCP’s missions pay a poor man’s wage.

How so?

Can you prove it mathematically?

Are you going to complain about capsules next? How about ammo dropping from rats??

If this isn’t just a troll post (I really hope it is and that I don’t really share make-believe space with someone so completely irrational) Animal Crossing might be more your speed…

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Small industrialists aren’t making those ships and losing millions of isk in agents and station gifts.

You couldn’t understand tho.

That’s also unacceptable. We could make that ammo. Every time a rat drops something it takes away from small industrialists.
Situation is unacceptable.

in vanguard saga of heros SOE had player studio. where players could design equipment and offer it for sale via the player studio. this was pretty cool. As the the OP issue. although there are some ships that industrialists cannot build, like the praxis. the reality is that blueprints are available for vitrually all other ships in the game. find your niche and build what sells.
the largers problem is the apporach CCP has taken to making industry require materials from all over Eden and dependant skills to complete ships . in the old days a newer player could mine, process and build entire ships on his ouwn without having to use the market . it established pride in the build , that is all gone now, it is purely a business that large gorups have all the advantages to do and new or small group players simply suffer with logistical issues. not great for new player retention and not fun

I feed you, but you still go for the lowest-hanging fruit?


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I never thought you’d come out against small industrialists and the working man. I’m disappointed.

That is also a grave and unacceptable situation although in the periphery of the unacceptable problem cited in the O.P

Yes, and also the ships that are given away like morning doughnuts, by agents and stations. It cuts into small industrialists revenues in millions per week. Situation needs to change.

But that is because you seem to be trolling.

Yes… Small industrials is going to loose isk because they cannot build corvette… really now.

This is just low effort. And even then people seem to bite.


I see that the fate of small industrialists and low-skill startups matter little to some members here.
No matter tho.
The situation is verifiable.
Just wondered if anyone cared to explain the non-sense or is it just another thing to ignore.

Ok, troll confirmed.

3/10 for effort tho LOL.

Ain’t no one farming their entire ammo supply of rats LOL.


It’s up one whole point. There’s hope.

Actually on further review, I’ll drop it to 1/10 :smiley:

The posts are too repetitive :smiley:

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Your unreliability shows.

And your lack of creativity does as well :smiley:

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:smile: Good night.