Player-made ships

The Gnosis is actually a superb ship. I have 6 of them, with different fittings, in various systems. The max DPS I have got out of one is 550, which is pretty good, and I suspect one can go higher. That includes being able to carry 5 medium drones. Perhaps the most impressive thing with the Gnosis is the EHP. Even with warp scrambler occupying mid slots I still get 76K EHP. Without the warp scrambler I can reach 90K EHP. And with t2 jury rigging ( which almost doubles the cost of the ship ) I can get one to 100K EHP.

Fit a Velator with 150mm Prototype Gauss guns and you have a 110 DPS fighter for just 200K ISK or so. That’s the same DPS range as a Slasher, Condor, etc…for a fraction of the price, with the ship itself being free.

corvetes are so bad that i prefer to fly in my capsule than boarding one
i used to like shuttles , but them i had 10000 stations with ships that i would never go back , besides they don’t have guns
the correct way to travel is in a frigate , less chance to being killed , warp better than a corvete , and you never know what good surprise can wait for you in the next gate
so many times i was traveling them , floating yealow loot , a fight , they smarthbomb my punisher to 1/2 life etc
and they are cheap

Yep. They aren’t worse. When I first came back I was like whoa LOL.

You’re looking at just one value as if that is somehow meaningful. I can do it too:

The Velator can also fit two light drones, which is the same amount as a Venture, for a fraction of the price, with the ship itself being free.

Does that make the Velator a good mining ship like the Venture is? No, it lacks all other stats that make the Venture worth using as mining ship. Likewise, does ‘110 dps’ make the Velator worth using in combat situations where dealing damage might be relevant? No, because…

It’s still a terribly bad ship that turns like a brick, has little more hitpoints than a shuttle and warps as slow as a battleship at only 3 AU/s, has few fitting options, no speed, low targeting range, lack of useful ship traits that scale with your levels, etc.

Any newbie reading this: do yourself a favour and get a real ship as soon as possible, corvettes aren’t worth using and are only meant as free fallback option for when you really have nothing else - anything else is better.

I’ve been ratting in one. It does just as well as a Slasher or a Condor. Of course it doesn’t compete with high DPS destroyers, etc…but that is not the point. No other ship will give you 110 DPS for a mere 200K ISK.

No other ship might do that for 200k ISK, but they can easily do it a lot faster under a few million ISK, for example in a cheap T1 destroyer.

A few million ISK is still considered ‘pretty much free’ for anyone who isn’t wasting their time ratting in a Corvette.


What’s the point of keeping things so cheap if your efficiency becomes so low that you can’t accomplish anything of value? It’s like bringing a car that tops out at 75 miles per hour to a race, and then telling everyone “yeah, but I only paid $6,000 for it!” Sure, I can fly a cheap T1 frigate around for all of my wars, and I’ll end up killing exactly 0 things with it aside from the occasional AFK idiot. Flying needlessly cheap has an opportunity cost attached to it that severely restricts the scope of your gameplay. For example, you can take a frigate out to rat in low sec instead of a BC or a HAC, and then when you encounter a faction spawn, you won’t be able to break its tank.

Following a protocol of extreme frugality amounts to very short-sighted gameplay.

It sounds like some players will just have to live with the consequences of a market that works for only a limited number of players.
But I could care less about industrialists.

Who said I was following a protocol ? I’m merely pointing out that the corvettes are actually not as bad as stated.

I have no problem with Career Agents giving out free ships, but I agree with the viewpoint on Corvettes. Shuttles are manufactured yet Corvettes are free. How does this make sense?

Corvettes should be manufactured.

In the past week I have received a free Apotheosis, and today a free Gnosis ( not that I didn’t already have 6 Gnosis I’d paid for ). The free Gnosis is not fitted, but even so they sell at Jita for 40m ISK or so…a free one saving that much.

I guess that rattles all those who were also concerned about free Retrievers, etc. But in order for the Gnosis to be any good you’ve got to add another 20m ISK worth of fittings…and have the relevant skills to use them. On the one hand producers are probably losing a small amount ( it is, after all, just one Gnosis per person and there are already thousands of them in Eve )…BUT…on the other hand when that Gnosis is taken out and gets blasted or particularly if it destroys something else, that then generates the need for another ship, which earns the producers ISK.

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Shuttles are useful ships.

The only use of Corvettes is that they are ‘free ships’, because they’re bad for anything else.

Since you seem to be comparing Corvettes to shuttles: I often use shuttles, but would never use a Corvette for any situation.

That makes sense. Industry still has a role to play in that scenario. :slightly_smiling_face:

During the first two weeks as a new player, a Level I Agent mission (Gone Berserk) went horribly wrong (okay, I pushed my luck too far) and I lost my frigate. My other frigates were a round trip of over 10 jumps away so I grabbed a Corvette and strapped some loot drop modules on it. I was able to complete the remainder of that mission in that ship.

While I now do Level III missions in more powerful ships, I sometimes do Level Is in a Corvette as a kind of “personal challenge”.

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They are bad, though. They’re good for emergencies, like when you need to scoop something in space but there aren’t any ships on the market, or when you want to get some kind of funny “joke” kill in PvP. But you shouldn’t be skipping the use of other ships in favor of corvettes when you have a choice by trying to convince yourself that they “aren’t actually bad,” because you’re shooting yourself in the foot that way.

I’m not up in arms either, it’s just a game anyway. I wanted to buy some bpo’s and maybe make some tier2. I’ll see what progress I make on that front.
Other things to do that hold my attention is ratting. What can I say, I’m simple-minded. I like to salvage my wrecks’ sneak in a little mining in 0.5 or 0.1, maybe do some exploration. Industry isn’t a priority now. Just training into destroyers to see some action.

Those little ships are fun. I’d like to see what max-fit max-skill can they do against different rats. Things to look forward to.
I like the Gallente and Amaar ships.
Looking into Void and Javelin ammo.
Interesting game so far. Not ready to see it as more than that for a couple of hours a day.

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Lol…I’m not skipping anything. I have Caracals, Gnosis, Drake, Moa, Thrasher…and will finally be able to take my Tornado out of dock shortly. And a whole host of basic destroyers and frigates.

But…when I first explore a new region, which I usually do via shuttle, one of the first things I do is create a free corvette. Why ? Because a corvette left behind in a station then lists that station in the list of inventory by station, which gives me a nice list of places I can ‘set destination’ to. It’s a lot shorter and quicker than setting bookmarks…and it very nicely allows me to change route.

I often arm the corvette with 150mm guns. It may be the only ship I have in that region…which I may not visit that often. Later I may bring along destroyers, battlecruisers, etc…but this is basically how I spread out across Eve. I have ships all over the place.

They actually do pretty well. OK so a corvette doesn’t have the speed of a Slasher, or the range of a Condor, but it has roughly similar DPS ( with the 150mm guns ). The scan resolution is 564mm, which is not amazing but then is not bad either. Heck…when I started ratting it was in a Condor with just 25 DPS back in September last year, and even that managed pretty well in 0.5 Aurcel system.

They are no substitute for Slashers, Condors, etc…but are just fun and cheap to set up. And the sheer cheapness is an anti-gank feature…as who is going to waste their ship on a corvette.

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I use them to scout and do the things where a destroyer would be overkill, certain missions and rat pockets. Sometimes I just want to vist and experiment, if only shooting off a couple pirate cruisers.
I don’t think anyone is saying that Corvette or Shuttle outperform ships in higher class.

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