Player Numbers?

Are they going up or down? I am not sure what I want? All I know I miss playing EVE that I did for 11 years until Kernite and Omber was taken away from me. Been out Since January. Hope EVE is enjoying my CASH SCARCITY!!


Oh, you quit? We didn’t even notice.


Wierd they are still in the game.

I just bought some on the market there now, as it happens.


I bet the accounting office at CCP games has noticed.


I doubt it.


That is not betting, that is throwing money away.

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You quit the game over Omber and Kernite?

LOL Fail.

I’ve made billions mining Crokite and Gneiss in LowSec. Sucks to suck!


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Don’t worry, there will be another big drop in numbers once mining ships get nerfed next month.

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If only they were getting nerfed. But I’m expecting buffs. Many buffs.

And it won’t make miners any happier either.


Orca and Rorqual are 100% getting nerfed hard.

Then I imagine we will get an ice only barge/exhumer, a gas only barge/exhumer and perhaps they will make a mining drone based barge/exhumer because they took mining drones away from the Orca and Rorqual.

And if they do, their outputs will be higher to encourage their use.

Like the man said, buffed.

Interesting. We where just talking about it few weeks ago if this really happens. We might see serious numbers drop.

and my friend subbed for a year ffs. I don’t think servers will be online for so long.

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You’re not the only one.

Go to 5 year view and you’ll see it.

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It was starting to rebound a little bit, but glad to see it’s dropping again :slight_smile:

I really wish they were. But ‘trick up our sleeve’ gives me doubts.

Yeah that’s not happening.

Glad too hear it. Curious why my inquiry upset you so much?

I am wondering if Pearl Abyss is worried about their 350 million purchase of CCP yet?

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I wonder if they care what you think?

It would be funny as hell if all they do to mining ships is give them a 200% buff to the higgs-boson rig.