Are numbers up or down?

Are (omega) player numbers up or down? Hoping mining returns to normal. I miss the old High Security before Scarcity and Triglavians. My 3 omega accounts been offline since January.


Yes. They are indeed up or down.

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TY so hard to sift thru all the garbage.


Up or down compared to when?

If compared to 2013 for example, they are down. If compared to 6 months ago, none of us here in the forum truly know.


compared to 2003 they are up, mining hasn’t changed as far as i can tell. miners just leave mining ships afk in the belts as usual.


As far as I am aware
When they were up they were up
And when they were down they were down
And when they were only half way up they were neither up nor down


Only CCP knows for sure…
And they’re not saying anything…
As usual…

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What matters is doubloon and crate sales.

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Numbers fell drastically and have started to rebound just slightly, but are still at the lowest point they have been in years.

The end of some of the scarcity measures already, combined with the decoupling of minerals from most shipbuilding just means the price of ore/minerals is falling and will continue to fall

Rattati is also about to nerf mining ships, so I would wait and see how that all works out personally.


As an infamous ancient Earth President once said “It depends how you define ‘did’.”

You mean number of currently paid Omega accounts?
Overall Omega accounts, whether paid up or reverted back to Alpha for non-payment?
Do you mean Omega accounts that have logged in over the last 30 days at least?

There has never been a President of Earth



Was waiting for someone to put that XD

A President from ancient Earth.


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Ah so you mean a Terran President.

Said an earth president, not a president of earth. As such any president from earth would be an earth president.

That’s like if someone said an American butcher and you corrected by saying there has never been a butcher of America


I wasnt aware America had thousands of Presidents.

You learn something made up every day.

This pointless debate wouldnt have been necessary if the original poster hadnt by default made American President equate World President grammatically, but I understand the manifest destiny confusion.

No one said America but you. He said:

Not American president. And there has certainly been thousands of presidents worldwide over the course of history.

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But it is entertaining how everyone knows who I’m referring too! :upside_down_face:

I didn’t.

So I Googled the line and the best I can come up with is you paraphrased something Bill Clinton said.


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