Price check for my miner toons

I have 21 miner and 1 Orca/ Rorqual toons…
I really want to sell right now but it still have Omega time above a month… mb most of them will be end til 29 Feb.

anyway, let me show you some toons
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they all are have +5 implants, and mining 3% Hardwiring
and also they have good PI skill, mb 4~5 or Full 5 achieved.
Finally, they have Mining 5, Mining Barge 5, Exhumer 5, and also have good for moon mining.

Lemme know the good price to sell.

How much would you see all 21 miners for? 10bill each?

Ps I don’t think that the skill sheet is public. I can’t view it

They have 12~20mil SP so price will different for per each toon

oh wait i didn’t know that

now you can see that

uhm, i can’t understand what you said. :frowning:

How many miners would you sell for 130bill?

ah hmm… i think 1mil sp = 1bil isk for Full skill mining + PI toon is fully enough, how do you think about it ?

and i can’t sell right now beacause of remained Omega time for that accounts…

Ah all good. But yes, you usually sell around 1m=1bill. I’m just curious but how long did it take to train a single miner to exhumer V T2 etc?

i don’t know , i forgot it already :stuck_out_tongue:

well if anything ever changes, I’ll buy each for 10bill. Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks for opinion :slight_smile:

Hey do you have a discord?
Add me, apexspooky

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