Player Skins: The Get Money Method

I want them. You want them. CCP wants money.

  1. Players/corps/alliances submit skin proposals for approval for the same plex cost as DAI. No refunds for unapproved.

  2. Players pay 1-5 plex per ballot to vote on skins. No limit on ballotts per account/player. This is EvE, not some stable 1st world democracy.

  3. 1st, 2nd, 3rd place get some amount of PLEX prize skimmed from the contest entry fees.

  4. Top N (say, 10 or whatever) skins go to the NES. No refunds for losers.

  5. Repeat at regular intervals, maybe annually.

Skins and PLEX go in; drama and revenue come out.

For added drama, make a “creator’s license” item for each winning skin that can be transported/traded/contracted. Make it a self-contained PLEX vault and send a percentage of each sale of the skin to that vault. We’d love a new high-value asset to trade/steal/hold-as-investment.

NFT = not for TQ

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