New ideas for SKINs

After the recent monocle inflation I believe EVE definitely needs some new tools for players to publicly show their superiority (coll.: trolling).


  • free SKIN with every major PLEX purchase, flashy gold with inscription “I PAY to win”
  • free SKINS for cumulative purchases from NES, not available seperately, only when you have spent a total of more than X/Y/Z
  • SKINS that do not exist as an item, but can only be activated if you have a certain achievement (badges/stickers on SKINs like killmarks?) or own a whole set of other SKINS
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As an Amarr enthusiast, I confess that I would buy a flashy gold skin without inscription.

Given that SKINs have absolutely zero impact on gameplay or game balance, I’m all in favor of adding more of them to the game, even if they obnoxiously highlight one’s pay-to-win tendencies.

More SKINs = more income for CCP (at least potentially) = good for EvE.

Translation: I bought an $81 clothing item and now I am pissed because they had a monocle give away :rofl:

Old idea for skins.

CCP promised that if the first wave of skins generated enough interest they were going to release the tools to the players so we could make out own. It was the entire point behind making a tool that was both powerful but restricted the creation of hello kitty online and dicks in space. When it generated more interest then even they imagined however. They pulled that panel from YouTube and any mention of it similar to WiS never mentioned it again and now are selling us $15+ skins in a subscription game.

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definitely Amarr :wink:

SKINs based on the activity tracker! That would give it some more interest and attention and more SKINs for us, of course!

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