Player Socialization Checkups (by Rushlock)

You mean the ad CCP posted on you tube? Games dont have what they were talking about there. Even multiplayer games. Socialization in games is a prosthesis replacing real socialization the civilization was build upon. Especially what Tryggvi said is needed, but you have so much barriers in games, including loss od social contract which is crippling to “game society”. People ganking other people is not socialization.

Even 100 years of spewing nonsense by ignorants isnt a good source of information.


Nice effort you even added our logo

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Your argument in bad faith is not making you look rational.


Would be interesting to know how many quit because they joined a corp early on and get bored from mining / ratting all day because they don’t know anything else …


Could this be due to the strong focus on faction warfare and that new Capsuleers are either not feeling ready for that sort of combat challenge?

Also when joining a player corporation comes a great level of commitment and could it be a time issue that is at play here?

Being always ready for fleets may be a big factor in way many new Capsuleers are staying inside NPC corps .

This is the same, but extended, I watched it too.

What he said about proximity makes real socialization, him trying to push in extension of it into game is what I already posted, its a prosthesis, see that he dont even acknowledge how limiting is the game, even compared to a telephone call. That also means you will lose all other things needed. You dont care about those people, they are not important to you. Whats in proximity to you is important. You can be of course applying the same rules you adhere to in real life and use them in the game, or in forum, but nobody does it. Its like we can wear masks and nobody will recognize us.

The presentation was with intend to bring more players into the game, strictly business perspective. He wants you to help other players stay longer in game, building this crippled game society paying money to CCP.


All problems this game have are not unique to it, overcomplicated rules making you practice for years and learning whole tomes of knowledge is not for everyone already. Those who stay will get the rough treatment any game have, agressive and disturbed people having already problems socializing, exploitative ones, they can do what they want inside this game where it brings out all the antisocial in normally functioning people. Where you could get slapped for what you did in real lfe, in game it is rewarded.

Of course you could just give a ship to a new player, get him on comms and fly with him in faction warfare, but even if you do, there is no guarantee he will be there again next day, because of real life for gods sake.

CCP was doing great when more people had to stay homes all day because of covid. We dont do that normally, and saying when you enforce socialization by ganking is like father saying he likes to slap his children in real life so they run to mommy and can have a hug, so they can love each other more.

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We have Princess Aiko to save us all

/ I mean we can pay CCP for game time but still feel like we are being treated like a neglected house cat, when at least Princess Aiko feeds us with content.

More than anything she is probably trying to save her own self esteem.


You can write all you want about socializing, when for CCP its just means money, and no amount of corporate muddling will make it go away. So they will always strive for more of this prosthesis, build by your own hands. Its not real socializing anyway.

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Well sure everyone has some level of self respect though it doesn’t go unnoticed the good Princess is doing to guide new Capsuleers away from mining when there are other ways playing the content that CCP had handed out.

/how often does CCP undock titans from Jita?

If a Capsuleer plays based on their personal free time would that new Capsuleer ever get the chance to shoot at something that might just give them enough hope to stay longer to be able to sit in one or undock one in their New Eden future?

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This very much. How many other MMO’s are there where newbies who know zero about the game start playing it and the majority of people and guilds they run in to and (spam) recruit are ones who just only gather mats and craft, while telling these newbies that crafting is cool and they should do it too. To then making those newbies their ■■■■■ by having THEM do the gathering for them. I’d wager those MMO’s would lose a significant percentage of newbies going “no thanks”.

Create an alt and pretend to be new, be somewhat inquisitive and watch what kind of answers you get from people, in rookie but also elsewhere. Check the type of (spam) corp invites you get, join one of them and guess what: pretty much all of them are afk, lazy, uninformed mining/production setups that (very conveniently) pull those newbies away from other options and push then into those same play styles, to them take advantage of their labour if only through these very “handy” buy back programs.

Actually I believe he’s referring to this:

A bit disingenuously though, since the presentation is more about how joining up with other players and/or a good corp is more likely to make a player stay active in the game. I don’t recall seeing a lot of mention about players being told “do something for great ISK” or how getting blown up for declining random conversation requests makes EVE great.

A better take on the idea is given here:

where the OP comments that many corp applicants they get, when asked "What can we do to help you enjoy Eve?, reply with words such as community , home , people , teach and learn .

This is the point of increasing the incentives and rewards for corps to recruit, train, and help build the careers of new players. So they’ve got more reason to invest in what’s actually a time-intensive process that EVE makes needlesly difficult by creating an environment that loses the vast majority of new players.


I’ve talked to some players in NPC corps about the benefits of seeking a good corp. Not my corps, because frankly it’s been years since I’ve been in an active one. From the ones I’ve spoken to the primary issues they mention for not joining a corp:

  • They haven’t decided what they like doing yet so not sure what type of corp to join.
  • They’ve heard a lot of corps are scams or dodgy and don’t know how to protect from that.
  • They don’t know what sort of commitments a corp will require so they’re uncertain they will be welcome.
  • But the #1 reason appears to be, they don’t know how to even find a good corp.

I’m pretty sure this ties in to the slide Io Koval posted a couple posts above - players who have to apply to various corps are more likely to quit, players who are sought out/supported by a corp are much more likely to stay. Mostly because this removes a lot of the unknown/uncertainty barrier.


The best to find likeminded people is to do what you like and checkout and/or talk to the players you run into while doing so. zkill is probably the number one intel tool to judge about a corp’s activity.

So true and to even think about the commitment to renting something in nullsec requires hours of log in hours to upkeep the system status and if that renter is not maintaining ie clearing sites then the system owner has to charge extra to send in pilots to clear signature sites

Actually let’s settle this debate of yours.

I challenge you to an online iq test!

You can use whatever method you desire!

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Actually I believe you can as the same with my current state of mind suggests that when we remove the negative thoughts and feelings of one’s self we can understand that to be social requires a certain aspect of being normal.

That being social is only roleplay.

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