Players that give large amounts of isk away

I would return it too.

I gave 6 Billions ISK once, with the purpose of giving rewards in a FW fleet for participants, and some other rewards. The person receiving it didnt had to return it. I think your case is kinda strange, without any communication just giving ISK away to complete strangers… strange.

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Lol I’ve had 3 support tickets put in this week and all were replied to and resolved within an hour. I’m actually pretty amazed at how fast the response times were.

Maybe the GM’s just don’t like ya.


Reponse time is different with different issues.


Stop getting stuck on asteroids, miner.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


I hate it when that happens…

The plan is to mine through the belt from left to right.

The same plan continues down the line of donating a small % of isk to the value of Ore mined.

Sometimes that isk goes to one pilot, or other times it could be split up to other pilots.

Your space princess is in another fortizar? :smirk:


Shots fired, some call 555-CONCORD!

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If only that princess ever invites me to that station.

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Your space princess is in another catalyst.



Happened again. Some random donated me 100 mill to join some channel in game. Sent 50mill twice.
Petition summited. :slight_smile:

For such small sums it doesn’t matter, because you can’t really RMT for so little. The minimum “block” amount is like half a billion.

EVE’s economy revolves around players sending each other money. Getting a false positive on an RMT transaction is an exceptionally rare outlier, and not the norm, despite what some others might have you believe.

Also, you don’t even get banned for RMT (if you’re buying). When someone says they got permanently banned for (alleged) RMT, there’s something else going on. First couple of offenses they just take the money away, maybe suspend for a very short period. It’s not in CCP’s best interests to decrease their user base this way, especially in terms of players who are showing signs that they’re willing to pay for ISK. CCP would rather “reeducate” those players instead of getting rid of them.

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Im a smaller fish in this sea, so for this to happen to me twice in the last week and a half is strange to me…considering the 15 years ive been in this game and it never happening.

So thats good info to know. I kept the isk this time and put the petition in as you recommended.

My Dad always told me when i was young…“Always cover your ass.” Im going to heed that advice once again.

Thank you Destiny.

Its a great question
I was given a lot a told to pay it forward

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When i joined i was given a small loan of 300m isk that i paid back over time as i learned the game. Sometimes when im feeling generous and see someone here just shedding salt over losing everything they had, ill drop some isk in their wallet.

Ive also given away ships but that was more or less to my corp members

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For me giving players isk is almost useless in Eve imo. Knowledge, ability and anything that piques interest is far more valuable to me. So giving away huge hordes of wealth doesnt satiate the beast so to speak.

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Agreed ISK just makes them lazy and when they lose it will be worse off as they didn’t learn how to earn it in the first place. Teach a man to fish vs give them fish and such.

How to make ISK is one thing, but time for that is not what people may really want to spend, for various reasons. If you have 2 hours daily for playing, and in that time you consider an activity that makes ISK a good gameplay full of fun, then ok go for it, why not. But when the same activity you spend those 2 hours for makes you really bored, then you should consider maybe getting ISK by selling PLEX, or doing other activities that still earn some ISK.


You can give me any amount of ISK any time and I promise it won’t be useless. :slight_smile:

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