Please add an option to sort killrights

In my line of work, I get several killrights every month. The current system seems to have no intuitive method of sorting. Killrights are not sorted by name, date, or any other method that I can see. It seems to be sorted by some sort of unique identifier in the game (like a GUID or something).

Example of current killright sorting:
Billy, expires 15 October
Johnny, expires 26 October
GM IceCream, expires 13 October
David, expires 31 October
Aiko Danuja, expires 18 October
Shaftmaster Mastershafts, expires 3 November
Power Maker, expires 22 October

I usually have 20-30 killrights to sort through any given month, with no way to sort or filter them in-game. Can CCPlease add a way for us to filter/sort/search them?


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