Please allow us to change the forum theme

I get it, you’re promoting your great idea… and as such you change the forum looks. But instead of adding a forum theme and making that one the default you replaced it. So now the “EVE Online” theme is Dr Who…

Please add a normal EVE theme so the people who don’t want to look at a wokediewoke Dr. Karen from a dead BBC series no one cares about any more (because we’re not playing a Dr. Karen game) to an EVE one (because we’re playing EVE) can change it so it looks like it should. Just add the standard one as an extra option. Easy to do, takes 5 minutes.

Thank you.


:thinking: Well not so sure as there’s plenty of Carebear Karens on the forums posting their threads on a daily basis the entire year. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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under preferences, if you click on interface, you can change the theme to EVE Wide “experimental” or EVE Online(default)… I was wondering why i never saw the background that everybody was seeing, cause mine was set to Wide.

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I tried wide but it looks horrible, I’m thinking about using it though.

wasnt sure what it was at first but looks like Giant trannies fighting spaceships…

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