Please bring back old "Empty Wreck" icon

Please bring back or make a new one for “Empty Wreck” icon, it looks almost identical to the “Large Collidable Object” icon… sometimes I click the wrong icon between them in overview…




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It’s just for the event.


It’s a pumpkin for the crimson harvest (Halloween) event.

Get use to it for a month, you’ll be fine

The pumpkins are full of goodies. Enjoy, it won’t last.

Agreed. Certainly there must be better ways to celebrate Crimson Harvest than making the overview UI, which is tiny as it is, unpredictable?

Please never bring it back. I like this one much better.

moving this to Player Features & Ideas - EVE Online Forums as its not Photon UI related.

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Come on we are changing it, its fun, enjoy it.Next month we will change some random other thing

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