Please CCP _filamnent and blue print copy

I just got a BPC kiki and I was surprised by the missing option that can change the % of raw materiels and % of time gained by using the function " Recherch " Invention in my ingienerie complex.

BPCs can only be used for:

  • Manufacturing the item
  • Invention of a T2 BPC – and only some BPCs, not all

However, BPOs (the originals) can do:

  • Manufacturing the item
  • Creating a BPC from it
  • Researching Material Efficiency
  • Researching Time Efficiency

You have a Kiki BPC, not a BPO, so you indeed only have the manufacturing and invention options available, which is consistent with the above.

These actions are not the function “invention”, these are “Material Efficiency research” and “Time Efficiency research” functions, respectively.


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