Please close, extracting instead

Skill Board

Amazing links pilots with 67M SP, 130k unallocated
Positive wallet balance, no kill rights, in Jita 4-4, jump clones in Jita, Amarr, Amarr

15M SP in spaceship command, Lvl 5 in All Battlecruisers, Command Ships, Exhumers, Transport Ships
Industrial command ships 4

15.8M in Fleet Support, All Specialists lvl 5, Mining Director 5, Fleet Command 5 (missing Fleet Formations and Fleet Co-ordination)

Armor and shield skills at high levels

Scanning skills and covert ops 4, can fly Buzzard

2 clones with Imperial Navy Mindlink, 1 with Mining Foreman Link, and 1 with Armored Command Link. Mining foreman clone also has a set of +5’s, various other implants

Starting bid 55B, B/O 80B

daily bump

Daily bump

Closed for 24h due violation of Charakterbazzar bumping rules.

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24 hourly bump

24 hourly bump

41b offer

Thank you for the offer, and a 24 hourly bump

A bump after a few days away. I’m going to close this on Sunday 18th and transfer to highest bidder.

Daily bump

Sold to Dbizz, awaiting ISK and account name for transfer

Still awaiting ISK and account name from Dbizz

Actually, I’m just going to extract the character, I’d make more than the 41B anyway. won’t be posting here again, ISK hasn’t been received, Account name hasn’t been received. Thanks anyway. Please close.

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