Please close sale canceled due to lack of interest

sale canceled


I’ll start with 6.5 bil

back towards the top the journey continues.

have not heard back from Lady Noret :frowning:

Still no reply from lady noret still for sale.

onward to the top we go yet again this never ending journey.

you can character transfer with plex?

yes via support ticket just takes longer then it used to.

the top is what we all aspire to our individual journey to get there is far more important the destination.

still for sale.

top of the summit a little picnic free of ants.

still for sale

I am a newish player and this might be a good character to vni rat in. What do you think the lowest you can go is?

cant really go less then 6 bill this is an 07 clean slate char with full set of +5 implants i will also lose around 3 bill for the 1000 plex transfer.

the sale continues to the top of the auction floor we go

still for sale no history char from 2007 with some core skills

back to the to we go to find a new home

Ofering 6 Bil

upward we go the mission is to find a new home

upward bound: the tale of a thread’s journey to the top.

towards the top something we all strive for however the journey is the true reward.

still for sale.

the sale continues topward we go

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