Please close - WTS 5M SP Starter 4.25B B/O

For sale!

Located in Jita
Positive Sec Status
Positive Wallet
No Kill rights
Waiting on Corp status to show as NPC (can be checked ingmae)
1 Bonus remap

Ready to go, needs a new home.

4.25 Bil b/o

Bump for post New Year hangover day!

daily bump

daily up

Offering 3.5b

Offering 3.75b
strike that … i’ll offer the 4.25 Bil b/o

Is this Character still for sale?

Character has a b/o offer, sorry for the delay in getting back yo you all, snowstorms are wicked fun to ride out.

@Freddie Vokil - Offer accepted, please forward the isk and evemail with the destination account name. Once recd I will begin the transfer process.

Evemail sent & Isk sent

Both recd, transfer request initiated.

Char Received …

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