Please delete - Sold

Carrier sitter for sale.

Character has positive wallet balance, no kill rights, security status is 0.06
2 remaps available. Member of Caldari Provisions.

Caldari Carrier skill lvl2.
Gallente Carrier skill is injected but not trained.
Also character has 20K unallocated skill points, enough to learn a lvl2 carrier skill.

Located in high sec (Jita).

Starting bid: 13bill
Buyout: 20bill

Those who post here to blame / underprice are welcome as bumpers but won’t be replied.
Anyone who offers less than starting bid neither will be replied.
Ingame mail is not monitored, please forget to make offer there.
Thanks for understanding.

I’ll start with 13b

14bil bid


15b bil




16.5 :heart:

17 billions

17.5 :heart:

Okay, Damned Fish will be the winner with 17,5 Bill if noone bid higher until today 20:00.


You are the winner of the auction of Bad Sax, a carrier sitter toon.
Please initiate transaction by transferring the 17,5 billion ISK to this character.
Also please indicate an account name where I should transfer the character.
As soon as I get the money I start the transfer.

Thank you.

Damned Fish, you have 48 hours to initiate the transfer, otherwise you won’t get the character.
Next winner is Snoe Focks with 17bill.

24 hours left…

Snoe Focks is the next winner. Please respond in 24 hours if you still need the toon for 17bill.
Otherwise after his 24 hours all bidders have 48 hours to make another offer over 16,25bill. This is the new minimal price. If noone respond in 48 hours, auction will be terminated and thread marked as closed.

As noone replied since days, Mr. Proper’s bid is alive.
I make a tiny discount if Mr Proper replies in 24 hours. 16 Bill., no lower price.
Thank you.

As discussed, isk and account name sent

Payment received, transfer has been initiated to the named account.

Character disappeared from my account, please confirm the arrival to your, so I can close this topic.
Thank you.