Please Delete

I’m ending this, I instead just flat donated the Plex to CCP as I could not be bothered running it and it would be unfair to CCP to check ect. So instead rest assured CCP got the plex already without auction taking place.

I instead will trade Titans as per norm via my corp and make even more Plex for the next plex for good.

G’day all.

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Honestly i wont buy a node for this because A: i have no use for a titan and B: i can directly help out by buying from the store directly vs trusting another player with my isk, no offense.

Thank you for your contribution.

So you are basically donating the titan to plex for good? That is how I read your proposal.

Sorry, I misinterpreted the event. Thought it was going to be another one of those skin sales, in that case thanks for your contribution!

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