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And here come the grumpy old veteran telling me experience is everything and “that I need to choose my fights and all”. You really didn’t read did you? I know that you need to take your fights and all, I am simply saying that having more skillpoints gives you an advantage. I really don’t get why veterans are so much in denial and refuse to acknowledge that.

Okay, let me know when you hit 30 million skill points. I’ll roll a fresh alt and we can test.

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It was more of a statement than an argument but I don’t get it when you say “… to do something I find fun I need SP.”
Fun is relative, it’s not the same for everybody. I’ve been having fun in EVE from day one just shooting NPCs, doing missions, exploring, setting up my little industrial operation and just being a resident of New Eden in general. SP doesn’t control my fun, it only controls the qualities and properties of the items and ships I can use.

Sounds to me like you’re trying to get to the top rung of a ladder you don’t want to climb from the bottom up and go too far too fast. In that case I agree with you, that’s not very fun at all.

Fifie vs boredom

No you don’t, you choose to. There’s nothing wrong with going into a fight even if you assume you might be at a disadvantage: partially because you need to learn at some point, partially because you might not be at that disadvantage at all and mostly because you enjoy the competition. As long as you keep the cost low you’re simply exchanging a bit of isk for experience, which is invaluable, which you can then apply once you have more sp and have more (expensive) ship options.

Unless ofcourse if you’re looking for wins instead of fights but in that case you will never be ready because there’s always someone better than you, more prepared than you and/or has more&better friends than you. This is the pvp fallacy where one keeps making excuses to not actually go do it: you just need one more lvl 5 skill and THEN you’re ready… for sure, honest.

Skill points do give you an advantage, but you know that there will always be someone that has some advantage over you. If you don’t get out there and do it, you will never start.

Last year I started a new alpha character and tried FW. I did have to pick my fights to keep from getting smeared by ten-year old veterans in pirate faction frigates. I had many breachers shot out from under me. But I also had many good fights and had a great time.

Don’t be afraid to be shot up. There is a lot of fun to be had as a newbie in a t1 frigate. It will help if you find some friends to fly with, but you can learn the ropes by watching the right youtube videos and applying what they teach you (I would recommend “Blight’s Wretch’s” beginning FW videos).

There is always someone out there with more skill points than you, a more expensive ship, or more blingy modules. Don’t let that stop you from getting out and having fun.

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