Please diversify the daily quest

So basically as the title say, just diversify more the daily quest. I don’t mind the daily quest being the skillers in the abyss, I don’t have a problem with it existing, I have a problem when it is this quest 80% of the time. As a new player or even for someone who didn’t specialized in PVE this quest can be really tedious when it was meant to help retains new players and help them. ( or atleast this is how I see it)

But as of now killing 15 drifter/sleepers when I can only run T1 at best (and T0 safely) feels like an eternity to me. I need AT LEAST 10 runs (with good rng and not failing the T1) to validate the quest. That is 10*17 minutes or approximately 3 hours (saying i don’t fail the T1, which I do).

I’m not saying CCP should remove this quest, but it is always the same and just way too much frustrating to not be able to do it when I desperately need the SP to overcome my gaps to veteran players.

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They are so focused on Abyss and Poochven because they want you to go there if you want to appear on this useless capsuleer commemorative picture. If you want that and don’t want to go into either space but also don’t want to mine, you already missed your opportunity because CCP has so far only allocated exactly 3 days for the Skilling Spree. Tough luck.


The game got more enjoyable for me when I simply pressed the button that hides the ‘daily chores’.

I’m disappointed in the amount of manipulative gameplay mechanics present in most modern games, from loot boxes to ‘free stuff if you play daily’ that prey on weaknesses such as gambling or ‘fear of missing out’.

EVE, even though it is a fantastic game with good gameplay, sadly also fell for the high payout-to-effort ratio of such manipulative practices and also makes use of FOMO to increase their daily player numbers through daily challenges.

The best way to deal with the bad feeling of ‘missing out’ when you see such practices is to realise what kind of manipulative practices are present, and simply ignore them.

You don’t need to catch up on SP with veteran players, and if you’re like me and are still playing in 6 years, you still are wanting more SP. There’s no hurry, EVE is a marathon. And if you do want to hurry, there’s skill injectors that you can earn, in your own time.

Don’t feel like you need to waste valuable time doing things that the game UI tells you to do, simply press this button and you won’t have to deal with daily quests again:


Now you can simply play and interact with the fantastic game universe CCP made, and all in your own time!

(CCP, I’m terribly disappointed that you decided to specifically use your login-manipulation system as way to measure ‘active players’ for the 20-year celebration.)


I know this is a mechanism that play on the fear of missing out and eve is a marathon, the thing that displease me here is that it defines the pve way as the only way to go if you wanna progress fast in eve. Because let’s be honest SP are the EXP in EVE and in order to do cool things I wanna do (like PVP in my case) I feel like I’m obligated to do PVE to fulfill those daily quest.

I get it when people say that EVE is a marathon, but at the moment I feel like the game simply does not want me to play but rather pay the subscription let my skills passively get better and come back in something like a year to finally enjoy the game. I’m willing to put more effort than veteran players to make ISK and everything, but the SP mechanism feels like an impossible obstacle to overcome except for time.

This game started with the premise that you would not need to shoot rats to gain SP. It was ONLY time-based skills advancement. It can be a little fun to log in and see notifications that you finished various levels while asleep. But over the years, various mechanisms have been put in place to help newer players ‘catch up,’ because of the complaints CCP has seen in its “I quit” surveys. Now, some special holiday events reward 250,000 SP just for logging in every day.

This feeling you have will never go away, it’s baked into EVE. We can’t train every skill we want in EVE to 5 in a year or… five, and if we could, CCP would invent a new ship line and skills required to fly it :wink:

Think about getting to a middle ground in a skill plan: ‘What is the minimum level I need to get into X ship and have some fun with it.’ Start level 5’s only when you run out of 4’s.


I’ll say it…

CCP needs to change the Daily Task from always listing the damn Abyssal content, or better yet, just completely remove the Daily Tasks from the game.

One thing is for sure, this 20th Year Commemorative Event definitely shouldn’t have been tied in with the Daily Tasks, and most definitely not with the Abyssal stuff, that content already had it’s time to shine and quite frankly, I won’t engage in that content, never have and never will.

This 20 year celebration event should have been tied in with the current on-going Faction storyline.


They should just get rid of the ‘quests’.

It’s stupid non-content.


This is a serious design problem, and has been pointed out for years. You’re correct in that the design of EVE is more intended to make you pay sub for years to get to the goals many players envision, than to encourage daily play.

CCP somehow forgot along the way that EVE needs to be interesting to play every day, not just a year from now when your skill queue hits X million sp. Instead they’ve gone for the standard tricks of login incentives and non-stop events, which mostly encourages pop-in/pop-out gameplay and not consistent playing.

CCP also still makes the mistake of thinking they can drop bait wherever and herd the players into “playing the way CCP wants them to play”. Some sandbox!

If they actually wanted this mosaic to generate interest, the tasks for it would have had 1 Skilling, 1 mining and 1 Abyss each day, player chooses whichever they like. Instead they’re trying to use it as FOMO bait to push Abyss numbers for some reason.


I’m still trying to figure out why anyone logs in to a massive multiplayer online game…to do stuff they could do in a single player offline game like Homeworld or other such games. The true raison d’etre for Eve has to be PvP…because there is otherwise no reason for it being a multiplayer online game.

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Helloo forum😀
@Dalek_Hastmena I only do the dailies if it has SP reward otherwise I ignore it as a waste of my time.
It’s supposed to be a sandbox, not following CCP’s guidelines on how to have fun in EVE.

Fifie gamer

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This is a slight tangent, but I have to say that I absolutely enjoyed the ■■■■ out of EVE over the past few months during which we didn’t have to do “special event” daily reward queue grinds. I just log in and play, instead of getting burned out going through like 15 accounts to claim the stupid FOMO daily rewards because if I don’t make it to day ■■■■■■■ eleven and get that skin, we’re never going to see it again.

Events should be in-game (like the current FW one that’s going on right now), and the rewards should be marketable, and should possibly also be available in the cash shop for players who don’t want to (or aren’t able to) grind specific events to get them. I hope CCP is listening.


When I first started the Skill Queue didn’t stack. You put in a skill then set a personal timer to remember that you had to log on and set a new skill. If you forgot then there was nothing in the queue and you were wasting time. Now my skill queue is at like 417 days. And that does kind of make it feel like I could walk away for a year and play the “Auto Pay Subscription Game”.

do you think this would increase complaints about the compulsion to do these tasks? players would quickly find the market flooded , the items nearly valueless , and not worth ccp time putting them up for cash …

it’s important to remember this is a game we all enjoy , and sometimes there’s optional activities with small rewards .

the OP complaint of the daily task never changing from abyssal content is laughable , as this thread has outlived that , now moved to a mining challenge .

you may now commence complaining about that optional activity , if you like .

Great move from ccp !.. We went from “spend a minute of your time to get 2500sp for killing an npc” to “spend at least 10 minutes in the effin abyss, get lucky on your spawns, and kill 5 npcs for 5000 points, then run the remainder of the rooms to get out alive” or “go mine 2000 units of ore”.

Should have stuck with the old, boring scheme. At least that one was time efficient.


Just wait till they introduce the “fun” activity of working for your daily NFTs. :upside_down_face:



The whole situation with skins is beyond a joke. I find myself with a display showing loads of skins…the vast majority of which are not available. Or someone wants 720m for a Zakura skin…they have got to be joking. Or I have to do 15 boring PvE missions to get a puke green coloured skin.

It’s crazy that so many skins cost way more than the ship they are for. Sort of like buying a new BMW for £50,000 and then being told it is £2,000,000 to paint it.

Players should be given a palette and allowed to create and sell their own skins…with the best ones entering the market at reasonable prices. Rather than the current farcical charade.

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Elvis will leave the building at that time

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I wanna do PVP, I really do. But at the moment I can’t because the guy in front of me probably has 10x times my skillpoints and will have a advantage (fair unfair i’ll let you decide). And for the love of god don’t start with the stupid and the two-faced arguments of “Skillpoints are not everything experience in the game is more important”. Skillpoints gives you an advantage and that’s a fact.

I know that you have a skillcap where the two are equal once you specialize in a ship and have something like 20M SP. But actually I don’t, I have 8M and I am specialized in PVP so I need to wait.

I don’t get you argument, because to do is something I find funny I need SP.

The scenario most of the time is the following.

  1. Find something that looks interesting
  2. Realize you need too many Skillpoints before you can do it
  3. Abandon/quit the idea or (for me atleat a few times) EVE altogether

Most fights are decided before the shooting even starts, just by virtue of one side being more aggressive than the other.