Please make warfare links a requirement of the capital ships book!

There far too many pilots in capital ships that should not be flying them for a very long time.

So in order to make them have the proper training, I suggest that all warfare specialization skills must be trained to level 5 before injecting the capital ship skill book.

For the titan book(s), the spacial phenomenon generation book and both of the doomsday books should also be a requirement, so that aspiring titan pilots will have to train that first before injecting only 2 cheat stix and sit in a titan or any capital.


Is there any other reason besides the “you think so”?

For one I see a titan not as a yolo-battleship but more of a fleet support ship with more or less useful phenomenon generators and 3x links, then the pilot can decide if she or he wants a doomsday or lance or bosonic thing.

Command ships also share that requirement, they just don’t the phenomenon generator skill since they don’t fit those, but titans do.

Do you train for a mining barge, so you can put 2x small smartbombs on?

I don’t see why this should be a requirement for dreadnaughts , but regardless of this, people will just inject them anyway with how much ISK there is in the game, because somebody had this “awesome” idea about skill injectors…

Injectors make any kind of requirement like this pointless - it’s not going to stop anybody from making an alt with whatever skills are necessary and injecting what’s needed.

Maybe not but links should still be a requirement to capital ships.

You admit it doesn’t solve the problem you’ve stated because of the reason Brisc stated, why continue to push for it?

I’m all for meaningful changes, but this feels meaningless. Like training up Logi cruiser 5 before you can train tactical logistics reconfiguration. Unless they’re literally bolting a logi cruiser onto the ship, it really doesn’t make any sense and it honestly is seriously annoying to have to train logi cruiser 5 for a fax alt. Didn’t stop me from injecting it, so why would this?

This is not about cheat stix but warfare links. There are way too many terrible fit capitals out there with noob pilots whom don’t even know they are missing 3 million shield or armor hp because they don’t belong in any capital ship for at least 5 years.

I would also advocate to reduce the gun slots on titans to 4 so that one can fit at least 2 links on and still do damage.

if they want to shitfit, then it’s up to them …


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