Please re-introduce the ability to punch through the last half of structure. It was fun!7

And yet you just told me this:

Seriously mate, that proved to me that you are not worth employing. in any sense.

Stating the obvious… and totally irrelevent

My god, you don’t know that Eve has an SQL databse.

You do understand that the code will be making database calls don’t you?

I am going to have to say bullshite on everything you say, because you are over doing it to prove a point.

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So in basics, you don’t know anything got you.

Provided any source links that changes you claim were made due to lag?: Nope

Proved that you know nothing about modules, you know different systems that are design to calculate, and handle different parts of the game? Check, I’m honestly surprised as a programmer in general you should know that systems are broken up in modules. (Really Modular programmer is the core concept of so many different complicated programs that it scary you know nothing of it.)

Throwing out pointless insults, and dick waving contest, because you don’t know what you are actually talking about: Check. To be fair, I really don’t care if you are an SQL programmer. And I really shouldn’t being saying I’m a Computer information systems specialist, cause at the end of the day.

I do believe that three strikes and your out.

While I’m not disagreeing with the fact that the bigger end that holds a lot of the module information, stats about corperations and ectra is SQL, for sure it is. That what SQL is design for, databaseing and information holding. What I am disagreeing with is the combat module of eve being SQL, because SQL simply isn’t designed for that.

Plus it not your job to determine what is a technical limitation of the game, that is the job of the devs. I think it time you pack your ■■■■ up and leave, because it clear you aren’t providing anything useful to this thread, you spout off about technical limitations you know nothing about, because I don’t see a big title next to your name that says you are a dev, or an employee of eve. You claim something that no one can disprove, just so it can make your opinion look like it can hold more weight, when in fact it doesn’t. Please just leave, no one wants you here doing that ■■■■, it nothing more than annoying to everyone else. If you are going to disagree with a subject, disagree with it on something meritable, instead of something that you know nothing about.


And you have no source saying it was working as intended but you think it should.

onus probandi

You decided zero should be equal or greater than anything greater than zero. By math alone that’s false.

Sorry you said that I said that, nothing I said indicated that at all. It is your ego speaking, you are presuming mate. Blustering to project your angst.

You are the one trying to prove me wrong, the point was that all these changes happened when they were reducing lag in big fights. Is that a coincidence then?

I know more than you by the look of it.

You jumped in and said I was wrong, now you failed, and trying to bluster by saying that you are a computer expert and looking like you are not one at all, it is rather funny.

What do you think happened in the million dollar battle when all those Supers and Carriers launched their fighters and heavy fighters. Why did the lag happen?

Why would you reduce added complexity such as the passive resists on active shield mods based on skills for example, why would you simplify code, why would you remove unnecessary complex calculations such as the one the OP is talking about. Why, and don’t forget that the hardware and software used at the time was a lot less than what it is now.

Sorry mate but you really look foolish.

Yeah, sure, whatever you say. : - )

Oh that easy to explain, just like the explanation previous. The server had to suddenly populate a bunch of new entities that were not there before. See, while inside the carrier as an object, it held by the SQL server, then when someone uses them, the module responsible for the drones(unlikely to be SQL) says HEY! SQL GUY, this user requested to dump a bunch of X drones in space, does he have X drones in the drone bay? The SQL guy says “Sure does! Sending you the data now!” And that how you get cross programming language communication.

Then the module that controls drones takes over, accepting input from the player, and providing output.

But hey, seeing I asked for proof, I’ll provide some proof that eve is not written in just SQL

From the mouth of a Dev himself. :slight_smile:

As for why the lag happen, likely because the module talking to the SQL database, became overloaded, as with many things in a large fight when it was attempting to pull data from the SQL database.

Did I say that Eve was just written in SQL, my god you are trying too hard, you are that up yourself. I said that it had an SQL database, seriously mate you have emotional issues.

At last you got there…

Now you have to add in all of the data for that item in space, which includes the attributes which are adjusted by skills and the ships fitting. I don’t know how much they prefetch for supers or carriers in system, but those jumping in, will create a load too.

Now you finally got there, well done.

I was aware of that.

Seriously…, you want to join the herd or brown nose with Sol, but seriously mate.

I feel like this conversation is just going to repeat, so I’ll leave it at that.

What does quoting that even mean, I was pointing out the lag issue and you are on a personal attack mode to brown nose with losers like Sol, but in doing so you exposed yourself as a complete knob. Sorry, your bluster will not get around it. This is what you finally got to which is the point I was making:

So why did you think I pointed out that battle and when the lag hit home. And you you are too up yourself to admit it. Even though you just acknowledged what I was talking about in that post.

Seriously mate…

Of course it is going to repeat, because that was the whole damn point of it.

No one can’t say I didn’t try to be reasonable. :sunny:

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You were trying too hard to say I was wrong and instead you made yourself look like an idiot. I don’t think you are one, but you did not cover yourself in glory based on your dislike of me.


I don’t dislike you good sir, you are nothing more than a name on my screen, making baseless, fictionalized claims. I tried being nice to you, I tried to reason with you. I and a few others asked for proofs that you are unwilling to provide. So I’m just going to assume that you are spouting off nothing more than fiction. Provide me with a substantial reason to agree with you, and I will agree with you, until then this conversation will do nothing more than repeat itself with. “No you are wrong.” “No you are wrong.” Arguments.

Have a good day sir, and enjoy life.

So why try too hard with so many presumptions such as:

Everything you said was putting words in my mouth and bluster and then you admitted I was right with this:

Which is what I was talking about in the first damn place.

Seriously mate only someone wanting to have a go at another person would put such effort into putting words into their mouth and making it look as if they had no idea what they were talking about.

You obviously are what you say you are. But mate look at what you did here and learn from it.

Personally I have no idea why you would be brown nosing Sol…

Do you have a source?

When nobody has got a source they can link, best is to skip the debate on it until there is one, and just focus on the idea itself.

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I never claim you are right, you used a very specific example, and a very specific situation. I gave you a reason why it MIGHT be happening, in that specific example, in that specific scenario. However, you continue to fail to provide a link to why things were changed, was it due to lag, or was due to simple balances? Sources I find point towards it being a balance change, not a lag change. Specially considering that missiles still have HP to them, something you would think they will get rid of if what you say is true.

Here something to learn from, instead of attempting to trap people in baseless got’cha traps that everyone can’see through, why don’t you instead stick to more simpler topics.

Here one for example: Why would over penetration be bad? Don’t bring up anything that you can’t prove, instead just bring up things you can. Like “It would be an indirect nerf to armor tankers.”

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People were using smart bombs to break up the missile swarm, they changed the missiles to act like guns, but they likely left that HP info in there because no point to remove it.

That example of the supers and carriers and their launching of fighters is an example of a major database call. I assumed that the invulns was a database call on the passive resists that the pilot had, but they just decided to remove it to remove the effect, small as it was to reduce unnecessary complexity more than anything else within the data they pulled when people entered system. At the time when anyone jumped in the servers locked and it was well known that trhe person who loaded grid first would win. Anyway it is a suspicion from me because they never said what it was and it dumbed the game down.

You were doing that, you indicated that I thought that Eve was written just in SQL which I never said. That was you trying to make me look stupid, but in fact you did it to yourself. You need to think back on that.

I would like to have the passive resists on Invulns back, as I trained those skills to level 5, this suggestion by the OP would be a nerf to the tank, not the armour tank, but in terms of the unpredictability of the game I would be happy to see it too. I would also like the ability to interdict missile swarms too, I loved what Initiative did with that tactic.

I merely pointed out that it would be a nerf to the tank and that due to the issue of lag CCP would not add it back in. Could they add it back in yes, but there would be a performance hit but of course you are right this one would not be on the database calls more on the complexity of the calculation for each hit, which is an issue when you are trying to squeeze out as much performance as possible from the server. And if they add that back in what about the passive shield resists that used to be on Invulns?

Where do you stop and what is the balance to have in terms of the impact on big fights.

Were you around when the Drake was the ship used for many large fleet fights and the lag that occurred around missiles for example? I was.

CCP reduced those complexities for a reason. If they had no reason then why remove them? And it was not balance, in fact the removal of the passive resists made shield tanks less balanced.

Did that answer your question, but still CCP will not change this.

PS And of course this is my opinion of what went on in terms of the war on lag and from my recollection of what was said and done. If you want to go back and search for the stuff on it then go ahead, but CCP just did that Invuln change and said that’s it, even though a lot of people were deeply unhappy and they did not bother to explain it.

Well you have a low winning bar, if you were doing the pole jump it would be 1 mm above the ground. :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly. I do not see any reason why zero should be greater than one still.

I do not see a reason for you to worry about almost every suggestion made here in this part of the forum.

Wait…you can’t firewall missiles anymore!?