Please start correcting these things

I’m here in EVE since 1.5 years and i like the game. But there are things inside the game that are so terrible to behold and i cannot understand why only so few people every requested correction in this.

Here a earlier forum entry:

On the HECATE: what a beautiful ship … what a DISGUST seeing it the first time armed, with having (optical) 8 weapon slots but only 5 can be fitted? Even more, a symmetrical ship with a asymmetrical weaponry?

Please correct this. Give a player like myself the change to equip a weapon on each weapon slot. If this means getting 8 high slots, then be it. Lower the boni of the ship instead for balancing, maybe raise the cap.
Or redesign the ship. Make it with only 6 optical weapon mounts, give the change to equip 6 weapon. And so on.

The same goes for the Hyperion. I bought, trained, the ship skill just for this ship after I saw it with several skins in the internet … and equipped with 8 guns and bow and after.

And now … only 6 weapons to mount left. I could accept this if the skin would have change, too. If only 6 weapon mounts would be visible at the hyperion. But it’s still 8. And a missile launcher … a single missile launcher? On a Gallente ship? Oh please, come on.

The Vexor … its beautiful seeing the weapon mounts retracting into the ship on warping. But the vexor has 6 mounts on the ship while only 4 are fitable with weapon.
So … could the Vexor mount 6 weapons in the past?
Have 2 been removed for balancing? OK, but then match the ship model to this. Or in such case make only those weapon mounts extracting from the ship after warp-out which are actually fitted with weapons. And those without just stay inside.

There are so much more ships with such disgusting things.
So please take a look through the ship tree and redesign what does not match.
Make them look corresponding to their possible weapon fitting again.

Or remove the visible weapon mounts or weapon mount markings from ships.

Best regards

Ships have more “optical” as you call it spots on the ship to make use of when it fires from different angles.

Example, Drake has 8 spots on each side for Launchers, But on it’s T2 counterpart, 5 are launcher and 2 are turret.

When I fire with the drake depending on the angle of the ship, it will fire from one side or the other, or both, from certain launchers.

it’s made that way say for instance with the Vexor, if it is at an angle compared to what it’s firing at, it could fire from one side, or both sides depending on the angle of the ship.

If you just had one launcher on each side and you had someone to the left of you, then only the left turret would fire, unless you only had one turret slot then only one would fire anyway.

But with as many slots on one side as the other, it lets you fire from virtually any angle.

As far as the Hecate goes, you have 5 turret slots, but a 6th high slot, to put cloak anything else that will work with that ship as far as drones or anything.

Other stuff can go in high slots, not just turrets/ launchers. On my VNI, i don’t have turrets, but I have 2 drone mods in 2 of my high slots.

There are thousands of art assets in the game so they don’t get revisited very often. I find it interesting that when a ship model is refreshed there seem to be roughly equal numbers of people who love it and hate it! Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

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Dude i get your point but you can’t honestly expect any logical ship model from CCP.
I mean seriously.
Eve have one of worst ship designs ever.
The game about ships wich doesn’t look like ships!
I think most of people realize that after looking at any random model, that’s why they stoped complaining because there is no point of having any expectation from CCP.
Some models are nice, but majority is real crap.

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