Pledge to defend Lord Aralis's honour and life

Dearest alliance members. Esteemed mebers of our coalition who pushes deep into Providence.
May peace reign in your souls and may you serve justice.

We, the righteous face situation where loyalties are tested, lines are drawn.

Our glorious alilance is member of greater part for the God omnipotent. It is clear that more deep we pus, the more likely we are to face heroes of the ancient.

While in general I, Lord Vaari accep our cause without question and support our advance in the name of Her Imperial Majesty, beloved by all. I have now seen more frequently named Lord Aralis mentioned in local or very nearby systems.

Let it be know by all that Lord Aralis is mighty hero and paragon of the Amarr Empire and I, Lord Vaari will defend him and his honor to the death even if we are mortal enemies of this situation.

Lord Aralis has done for the Empire more than we all combined and destruction of his ship will be abomination in the eyes of the Lord. If anyone, foe or ally dares to open fire and destroy his lordship ship, even in self defense, I will hold my sacred duty to avenge that fould deed.

Lord Aralis enjoys the Pax Imperialis and I, Lord Vaari will enforce that. No enemy, no ally, no pirate nor ravager will violate his divince presence for any reason unless they want their theeth to enjoy my fist at the first possible contact.

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From the lighting and the tempest,
mighty God, deliver us.
From plague, temptation and war,
mighty God, deliver us,
From the scourge of the heretics,
mighty God…deliver us!

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As a pirate lord I am his enemy but completely agree he must be honored. This is the natural way of things.

In fact I insist that Aralis must lead, these other modern usurpers of power should be thrown down for the fraudsters they are.



Having flown with Lord Aralis on many occasions, seen many rise and falls, much blood lost and spilt. Including the purge of Ushra’Khan from Providence. He will forever be a beacon of inspiration for Providence and those that fly under the Amarrian Empire.

To make my alliance advance in Providence any way possible, I, Lord Vaari Valius, in my great shame will lift my pledge to defend Lord Aralis in self defense. In my zeal, i did not understood that Lord Aralis alone can halt our entire coalition advance.

Self defense holds in these situations:

1: You are attacked by Lord Aralis at any space
2: You are defending your corporation/alliance/coalition assets in all regions if your faction is allied with AM-alliance.
3: You are attacking in CVA space in order to further our noble goal, you are member of corporation, alliance or coalition allied with AM-alliance. Then you see Lord Aralis defending their space in one of these ways: 3a: Repairing defenders 3b: Lifting cynoes for defenders 3c: Taking part of defending fleet formation.

Yes, wouldn’t want to get in the way of your loyal assault on Her Majesty’s appointed guardians of Providence. So loyally, you attack the Empire’s chosen.

Her Imperial Majesty, beloved by all is ill informed what is happening today in Providence. As i see it, Her Imperial Majesty, beloved by all has recieved infromation 2 or 3 years old.


‘Yes, officer, I killed that man, but your information is 2 years old, so it’s not breaking the law!’

It doesn’t matter if her information is out of date. She says they’re the people she wants guarding Providence. You are attacking them. Therefore, you are attacking her interests and her chosen Marchwardens. Congratulations, you are taking up arms against your Empress.

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To tell it nicely:

Her Imperial Majesty, beloved by all does not have a clue what is happening on her borders.

We are attacking those who she has named to be the wardens of the Providence. We do it with tears in our eyes but certain in our hearts that in future, Her Imprial Majesty, beloved by all will forgive us.

I am Lord Vaari. That name alone will tell anyone that I will do what God and the Empire wills. I do not give a ■■■■ what local policy, what is my personal benefit and so on demands.

The Empress, beloved by all is my ruler and God Omnipotent, preached by the Theology Countil is my guide. No matter corporation, alliance or even coalition loyalties. Those two forever guide my path.

Those values have led me to ensure our mighties hero survival. More than disagreeing or finding ways to contradict my words, whick have always hold the test of time i would like to see fellow independent spaceship captains who would like to repeat after me the oath to defend his lordhip.

So far only one pirate lord, from whom i have never heard of anything has promised to honor Lord Aralis in such deep esteem he he worth of.

Which means nothing.

The Empire, though the Empress, clearly wills that CVA guard Providence. Which means that you, Lord Vaari, are not doing what the Empire wills. You are, in fact, opposing what the Empire, and the Empress, will.

And to attack the Empress’s interests and oppose her will even as you claim they ‘guide your path’ makes you a liar, a fool, and without honor.


Doesn’t this tell you something about those you’ve aligned with?

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Lord Aralis is pure and mighty.

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