Plex buying from market issue

Has anyone else experience this? So I bought Plex through the market and also keep track on spreadsheet. According to my wallet I should have a total of 10 Plex in my vault as of my last purchase of 4 Plex yet my vault is only showing a total of 8 Plex. Any ideas?

Depends how and where you bought it - market, contract, etc. You may have to check Contracts section if you used that.

Check Alt-T, Personal assets, Search. Purchases should end up in vault but might possibly have gone into station inventory in the selling station.

You may also have created a buy order rather than a direct purchase. Open market, view Market Orders to see if you have any outstanding.

If these fail to locate the Plex, and you can show 10 purchased in your Market Transactions log in wallet, take a screen cap of the purchases and file a support ticket.

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You’ll need to check your in-game wallet to verify this. If there is some discrepancy, best to reach out to Contact Support directly.

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@Kezrai_Charzai Thanks for the reply. I bought it from the market but I’ll check all the info that you posted when I get a chance. Definitely know it wasn’t a buy order so that’s one less thing to worry about. Thanks again.

@ISD_Drew Will do, Thanks.

Well, sent my issue to support. Lets see what they say. Here’s the pic I sent them:

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