Bought PLEX in Jita Marhet, go money dont got plex

1- I has 75 Plex in my Plex Vault
2 - I bought in the Market 425 Plex
3 - My Plex Vault got only 60 Plex
4 - 365 Plex disappear in the transaction in: 2020.09.17 22:25.
Check the print screen:

Please, give me my 365 plex shortly possible.

Thank You.

I recommend you open a Support Ticket via The Help Center as posting on the forums in general about this sort of thing won’t actually help you out, let alone posting in the Buy Ads section, which is for players to advertise what they’re looking to buy :wink:

The support ticket system will have a GM look into your issue and get it sorted out for you.

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Hi Celine!
Thank you.
I did but until now, in this exactly moment, the picture is the same as seen in the print.
A GM char talked to me about Pin the Ticket to another teem solve.
We will see and I will give you a feed back.
Have a nice game.

A very silly question:
Have you checked in your hangar/inventory at Jita? As I recall PLEX purchased on the market are delivered to the inventory not to the PLEX Vault. You can then drag and drop them from the hangar to the Vault.

Hi Terak…
No where… They disappear…
I did one buy and the system did two buys but the second, the 365 plex pack, disappear.
It is not in the items, assets and cant be find in the assets search…

Have you looked under “Assets” (the Safe/Box icon in the side menu) - that tells you where everything you own is. There is a search function there you can use.
If that doesn’t help, then wait on the ticket being resolved.

Breaking down to smaller orders:
If you’ve placed a buy order: Say you saw “500 PLEX” for sale and selected that, rather than an order that says “100 PLEX” but you wanted 500, then the market fills the smaller orders first at the price you’ve offered to buy at rather than only taking from the larger order.
You’ve still ended up with the same number of items at the same price you offered, but the people willing to accept a lower offer had a little more than they expected. All are happy.

Hi Terak

Personal Assets/ Tab Safety “No Items Found”. It is empty
Personal Assets/ Tab Search/ Search Text “Plex”, “Nothing Found”

About Plex sell order, I bought from one with around 800 plex to sell where I bought 425 because I has 75 in my Plex Vault.
Got in the first 60 and the 365 next plex disappear. Become ghost!
I don’t know how did two buy orders… I did only one buy.
But if you check, both buy orders, they have the same unit price.

Thank you

It was one buy order from you saying “I offer to buy 425 Plex for 2,730,000 each”.
It was matched to two offers: One for 60 PLEX (probably an offer that would accept less than 2,730,000 each) and one for 365 PLEX (probably from the order you clicked “buy this” on).
The price listed is the price you were willing to pay.
Brokered markets are a bit different to a shop - people make offers to trade (“Items for ISK” or “ISK for items”) and the system matches them in an optimal way in the background. Takes a little getting used to.

As to where it went - I can’t help you further (I’m a player with no further information than you:- just experience!) - the best bet is to wait on the ticket. If you provided good information then it should be fairly quick for CCP to confirm what happened. That screenshot will be useful for them - they have full logs of all transactions and activities in game so should be able to get to the bottom of this.
Be nice to them though: the people working on your ticket are busy and human.

Sorry I can’t help further.

Thank You Terak.

Have a nice game

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CCP solve the trick or the Down Time did by it self!

They do not told me yet but the PLEX appear there in the Plex Vault.

Thank you to all you

Glad it had a good outcome.
It makes some sense that it resolved at itself at downtime - one of the jobs they do is make sure the database has run all the transactions successfully.
I’d not heard of it happening though like this.

If you get chance can you update the ticket you created so they know not to waste time investigating it.

Thank-you for a polite question and answer.
Fly safe,

Hi Terak!
I has did up to date the Ticket…
Thank you

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