Plex Canisters for physical collection or use

Looking at the Plex store today and couldn’t help myself to thinking about how that canister sure does look good, where can I get one of those?

Has there been or will there be an option to have PLEX delivered in a physical form along with the Canister?

Those would make a great addition to the kitchen cupboard for coffee tea sugar etc.

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Yeah, those canisters look cool with all those pieces of PLEX in them but unfortunately the in-game PLEX icon is only displayed as a single item.

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It would look great on the shelf in my Captain’s…er…never mind.


Yes I know and my guess also would be that a 3D printer would be the go.

Or somehow print to a sticker and stick it on a space tech looking type jar.


Do tell? Do you have a Shrine of New Eden in your study?

Of course he does, just as he has an oracle body pillow on his bed…

what no i’m not projecting

I still want color containers for organizing my stuff.

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