Plex offer


I have lost a ship and got this offer afterwards

It’s for 5$ , should i buy ?

It’s up to you. It will depend on how much isk you have. If you could afford to lose the ship you lost, or if you are left with no other option left except to fly the Corvette to make more isk

If you can easily buy another fitted ship, but learn why you lost the previous one, then no, you won’t need to buy that deal. If you want extra isk even if you can buy the ship, then buy the plex.

i can replace it, maybe i should get subscription instead .


Sub would help to train more skills and train them faster and allow you bigger ships, but a sub does not give extra isk in game. I’m subbed and occasionally I’ll buy plex to turn into isk to give away

when it will be a good time to subscribe ?

That I can’t answer, because that depends on your personal finances. And depends on how long you want to sub. Also it depends on when/if CCP does any deals for subbing but I’m not sure if they are going to done yet


thank you Geo !

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Buying that offer shows CCP that their ptw ads targeting noobs works.

“You died but don’t worry you can pay money and make it go away”

While on the surface this seems to not be “wrong” we don’t want to encourage it.

They will continue to do this instead of actually helping noobs learn how to play. They will continue to make the game harder for noobs to encourage them to buy these packs to make the added difficulty/grind go away.

Say no to this trash scourge that is now corrupting Eve with your wallet. Do not buy it.


Don’t buy that crap .
In case you haven’t already , invite yourself in the game from the recruitment page:

You will get 1 mil free skill points , or you can create a ticked here:

and ask a GM there to just give them to you , instead of creating a new account and spamming the server.

If you are patient, don’t go omega until you have trained the 5 mil skill points that you can train for free as an alpha character, afterwards , when you reach the 5 mil SPs cap , inject the free 1 mil SPs that you got. This way you’ll get 6 mil free SPs.
Meanwhile, you will discover what you like doing the most in Eve as an alpha, you will have the 6 mil SPs and then you can go omega if you enjoy the game.


thank you all for the sweet and kind replies !
they are very helpful !

Keep in mind also, with buying large skill or daily alpha skill injectors you can have up to 20mil in SP still without becoming Omega

But keep in mind: In 30 days Omega you train about 1.7m SP, that’s still the cheapest way to obtain skillpoints.
Not being Omega at all costs is a strange idea :wink:

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