Plex pricing which means trivial benefits from UK companies can be spent on plex

Whether a director or an employee of a company, in the UK HMRC will allow businesses to gift employees or directors up to £50 as gifts. The rules include that it must not be £0.01 over the limit, and cant be exchanged for cash.

I want to use mine to buy plex!!

You cant use the benefit system and make 2 purchases (must be one receipt) and you cannot be over the limit and pay any of it yourself… so here is the problem:

1100 plex is 33.99 (not enough to maximise use of the benefit)
500 plex is 16.99

Combined… yeup - its £50.98

So i’ll have to get something off amazon or something else… if only EVE would alter their pricing slightly to allow us to use this little gift process.

Food for thought at least…

o7 - and happy christmas to all

buy a steam or amazon gift card for 50 then use that to buy plex…

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