PLEX sale, advance notice leak?

It’s nice to see a Plex sale on. I’m sure many people will appreciate it.

Probably not as much as the guys who took down a quarter of a million of their ‘Buy’ offers though, starting 1 week ago. Trade volume dropped like a rock too.

It’s almost like CCP should maybe stop throwing their CSM members to the wolves over a rumor, and maybe check into who on their marketing team is selling advance Plex sales info to major Plex traders.


I don’t see anything suspicious here:


CCP would never acknowledge this.Remember T20?

“Were terribly sorry our staff are corrupt and unfair, but let’s ban the guy who exposed us, cause if he hadn’t, people would’ve never known about this incident, and we wouldnt have had to apologize, and could’ve swept this all under the rug. Again, so sorry.”

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Kugu did NOT get banned for outing T20. He got in trouble for it, massive trouble. What got him banned was his craving for attention when he didn’t get enough attention from CCP he thought he deserved, he did something else and THAT got him banned.

I couldve swore they said kugutsumen got banned for hacking the Emails of CCP members or something.

PLEX sales work. Impulse purchased $40 buh worth for $33. Nice CCP :+1:

He got banned for something other than outing T20, is all I’m going to say on it for obvious reasons :slight_smile: It was somewhat related but CCP didn’t banhammer him for anything pertaining T20.

If you don’t look at the right data, you won’t see anything worth looking at.

The average daily price sold won’t change much, because all the people who don’t have advance notice will continue trading at the current rate.

If you look at buy/sell offer volume, not daily prices, you will notice that almost half the outstanding offers to buy Plex at the current price were removed in the week prior to the sale. They were accompanied by a sharp drop in total Plex traded, as well as a slight increase in the amount of Plex for sale on the market. Thus, they weren’t ‘sold into’, they were simply taken down. Half the existing orders. Hundreds of thousands of them.

Could be coincidence. But I’m inclined to believe otherwise based on various data trends.


If you believe that foul play is afoot, contact

Don’t start rumour mongering on the forums.