PLEXes for PvP activity

As we all know there are numbers of players, which play free on Omega, by using PLEXes.

The profit model for CCP is:
player A: has dollars, don’t want to waste time on PvE to get the shiny ship with modules.
player B: has time to play, don’t want to pay for the game.

player A buys PLEXes with money from CCP, sells them to get iSK.
player B creates ship with modules, sells it for ISK, then buys PLEXes to play another month.
player A buys shiny ship.
All are happy.

But, there is a problem. The number of type-B players is a lot higher then type-A players.
That causes the PLEX prices to climb up. Because of that type-B players need to spend more and more time for ISK grinding, that leads to items overproduction and PvP activity stagnation.
At some point they simply don’t have time and money left for PvP activity, a lot of them leave the game because of that (nobody likes that game becomes a second job).
Because the PvP and destruction activity goes down type-A players are getting bored and leave as well.

What i’m proposing here is to free some of type-B players from ISK grinding and award them with PLEXes directly by using the destruction metrics (estimated price value of destroyed items).
Let’s say, 10 mil of destroyed values gives 1 PLEX (formula can be dynamically adjusted if needed, to prevent alt killings and hard limit on PLEX price).
If ship is destroyed by fleet, then destroyed value is equally distributed between the fleet members.

If more players participate in PvP activity, the game become more dynamic and fun for everyone.

If you really want this all you have to do is put bounties on everyone.

How would you prevent this from being abused by hunting your own alts?

I wouldn’t. It won’t be profitable to kill you own ship, when you can simply sell it on market and get more isk/plexes.

Is looting not enough?

Players that think pvp is too expensive just need to fly cheaper ships (or find a group with srp). And plex prices rising isn’t necessarily a problem that needs to be fixed.

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Unfortunately all this does is encourage ganking.

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Of course you ignored all the plex that are spent on skill injectors and skins.

Terrible idea, what we need is less Type B farmers, they add nothing to the game and drive down the prices of resources, in short they are parasites.


For example: put a character in FW corp, undock them in fully insured battleship, kill it with an alt form opposite FW and get LP reward, salvage the wreck. If killed character has bounty on them - it just might become profitable to do this. If you add PLEX rewards to this… then other activities might become pointless.

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■■■■ Farmers!


You never explain why this is a problem.

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Combat is fun.

@Daoden very hard to do, takes time and a lot of money

@Daichi_Yamato most of the times wrecks are being looted by someone else

@Dragos Highwind not only ganking, but the destruction as a whole process

@Salt_Foambreaker they contribute with items and isk, also unlike bots you can actually chat with them

@Ms_Steak Valid point. But i think this can be countered with cooldown for awarding PLEXes when you kill the same character(s).

@Scoots_Choco PvP activity stagnation, blue donut, empty systems (or every one is docked up, because they don’t want to risk losing their isk/per hour). In the end, players are bored and leaving this game. With this change at least some of the farmers can stop farming and take part in PvP activity.

Ok, so I’ll agree with you IF you can show me that there’s actually a connection between the lack of PLEX dropping from PvP and those. Do you have any proof of a connection? Or are you just saying bad things and hoping that I pretend there is a connection between the two?

wishful thinking. Risk-averse players will continue to do their things, and rewarding PvP kills just enables more ganking in high sec - kill a jump freighter and get hundreds of millions ISK worth of PLEX. PvP also happens naturally so gankers/PvPers WILL literally farm plex from everything that moves and possibly destroy PLEX market = less players will buy it from CCP = EvE dies. Simple as that.


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