PLEXTANK NIGHT, October 18th 2017


Winner 1 : jhoRoX : Wrecked the PLEXTank at Juunigaishi
He got a 1 000 000 ISK bonus for being the first!

Winner 2 : Yasashi konma - KarmaFleet
He got a 5 000 000 ISK bonus because he’s with an awesome corp :slight_smile:

I am hosting the first PlexTANK night to help get the message across that hauling isn’t just picking an item up, autopiloting to the destination and then dropping it in the destination station. It is more! Action, adventure and DANGER. Because behind the scenes there are pirates that will try to grab whatever is in your cargohold, mostly because they are poor and they want to have stuff. They don’t just show up, they have to do an effort in trying to discover what is in the hauler, where it goes, and how and when to strike.

I will do one or more runs and FRAPS the adventure. I will link those youtube videos after the event. If I didn’t get caught there are prices for “best effort” and “best pirateer story” about your “hunt for PlexTank”.

A badger with cargo expanders and a locked chest. The chest contains 90 PLEX but is passworded.

If you succeed at obtaining it, here are some hints :

This is the password : ZRRF LRUG GNUJ GBA REN YJB RUG

It has been encoded to make sure not everyone will have access to it.

Hint 1 : Ceasar assumes it is unreadable. Brutus thinks it’s the other way around.
Hint 2 : POP Quiz: You just decoded the message, what is the name of the TV Series that quote is from ?

Info: The password is all caps.

This is for the first year, every run I will add a challenge.

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I skall assume that badger is gonna be tanky. Asso will you give any hints at where the flight will go?

Hek if I know. :wink: But since I have some intel agents along the way I might go to another station. There will be frequent updates on this forum to keep people in the know on the 18th.

Hey, nice idea! Too bad i don’t have time for this, especially in the middle of the week.

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Small, delay I expect the ship to start roaming in 1 hour ! 14h00 EVE Time.

i’m at work. :frowning: are you australian?

Yes, that’s what the delay is actually about… I need to put another shrimp on the barbey! :wink:

Aaahhhh… g’day mate!

good luck with the event. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the goodies mysterious benefactor in a Merlin.

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how’d it go?

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First guy got me 2 jumps out around Uedema.

Then I switched from Badger to a Kestrel. I named the ship PLEXTANK2017 just in case people would be fooled by the appearance of a non-industrial ship. And di get some attention on my way from Jita to Rens. I escaped barely a few times then accidently wandered into lowsec and nullsec as I mistyped “amarr”?! and got somewhere completely different :slight_smile: I got out of there through a few shipfight that luckely were to busy fighting to see me pass! Then I had about a 4 hour autopilot as I was watching “Twin Peaks” and “Fear Of the living Dead” episodes. Untill I got caught by another guy who did it well and even got lucky to get the prize intact.

For me it was a great learning experience I will repeat yearly maybe next time have some corp members haul things too, to give people more chance of encountering the ship as I was all around the galaxy.

It’s important to understand that there is sometimes danger, there are ways to minimize it and you will have to accept that everyone’s ship eventually gets wrecked. And you can get podded too if you can’t get out fast enough.

For me it was more into understanding how bad the gate camping is but I guess we (the community of eve) should do more to help people that get upset when they get podded and give them the courage to rebuild, rethink, and plan on finding solutions to their endeavors.

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four hours of autopiloting? what was your route?

I used the ‘safe’ route between Jita -> Diodixie -> Rens -> Hek -> Amarr then rotated it a little to have variation in the routes. It has at least 2x 0.5 areas and 2x 0.4 areas in it but there were active fight so I guess I got very lucky a few times. Note that probably due to my ship looking like bait/hoax (name = plextank2017) some people might have refrained from attacking it. The plex ws in a secured container so some might have assumed it was just worthless transport.

I’d say you were in the wrong timezone and didn’t have enough advertising…

why a yearly event only?

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