Plspls CCP - Shunt module

You could use it on large ships to bump smaller ships to remove their traversal and angle a shot on them, as long as you manage to land the hit on them.

Thats already the case with the MWD but thats why it’s called suicide tackle and t1 frigs are cheap - just bring 2 of them and one will make it there.
In the cruiser size bracket it might even live to tell the tale.


They are called MJDs and over heated MWDs we dont need more arbitrary BULLSH*T.

Now, now. I’m sure there’s a few more letters between J and W. How about MFUD? :stuck_out_tongue:
damn…F is not between J and W. anyway MFUD would be nice name for new such Module.

Okay, thoughts:

  1. This module overlaps far too much with existing MWDs which offer speed bonuses ranging from 500% to 520%. You claim to want something different than an MWD, yet your proposed stats place them squarely on the same turf.

  2. Would this massive speed boost come with any sort of hit to agility while moving at these speeds? Or signature radius? Generally speaking, you can’t get something for nothing, and it sounds like your module gives you exactly that. (Brief inability to warp is a drawback, I’ll grant you, but it seems negligible compared to such a massive speed boost without drawbacks to agility or sig.)

  3. Would warp scramblers deactivate it like they do MWDs and MJDs?

  4. It sounds like what you want is a way to quickly accelerate to some crazy speed without the extra mass of an AB or MWD slowing you down. I hate to burst your bubble, but those mass additions are there for a reason. In the very early days of EvE, the kinds of speed boosts you are talking about were possible with regular oversized MWD fits and they were horribly broken, so CCP moved to nerf them. If CCP nerfed a capability like this one before, why would they allow it now?

I’m open to the idea of new prop mods, as long as they’re actually new and not horribly balanced. Your proposal fails both criteria.




The long cooldown means nothing.

The one time use is way OP.


Make it consume one plex per use and this will get implemented tomorrow.

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There’s the red flag!
Anytime someone uses the word “interesting” to describe their idea, it’s a bad idea that is poorly thought out.

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i dont see the benefit … MDW and MJD thats it
much overpowered on one side but not on the other … balance problem

i see no need for that or i just dont understand it


nice attempt at being a troll. but you know damn well what im talking about.

I can only imagine this fit to an orca to bump other orcas while having a higs rig equiped to it and a MWD on to further add mass.