Pochven-based alliance seeking corporations (Red Skies.)

Red Skies represents the independent citizens and corporations of Pochven. We strive to provide safety for our citizens through diplomacy. While we maintain positive standings with many different entities for the mutual protection and benefit of our associated members, we swear no allegiance or military support to any entities outside of our alliance. Our only enemies are those who refuse diplomacy and those who would exploit our home without recognizing our right to live and thrive here peacefully.

What we offer:

  • Docking access at friendly structures so you can fit and repair your ships despite low Trig standings
  • Answers to all your standings grinding questions
  • Friendly, laid back environment and comms with minimal participation requirements
  • Inclusive, low-cringe people and content
  • Discord, of course
  • Primarily EUTZ, but happy to branch out.

Join the “Red Skies. Public” channel in-game to speak to a representative.


Come join us in space hell!

It’s a great time to move to beautiful Pochven!

The war is over! Move to Pochven!

Pochven is scary. Don’t fly alone. Join us today. :slight_smile:

hilarious you have no members or authority

Appearances can be deceiving.

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