Pochven Police Department Seeking New Recruits

Join us for small gang PvP in the most dangerous space hell imaginable. Get paid to patrol the red skies!

We are part of a new Pochven-based alliance, and we know how to survive and thrive in this space. We have established diplomatic relations with other Pochven groups, and have docking access in a number of structures around Pochven.

In order to survive and be an effective member of the force, you must be able to fly fast nimble ships and/or covert ops cruisers. Interceptor, T3 destroyer, force recon, and/or T3 Cruiser experience is preferred.

PvE in Pochven is necessary and ever-present with roaming fleets of EDENCOM, Drifters, and rogue drones. You should be prepared to lose ships regularly without crying about it. We are Triglavian-aligned, and you will be required to gain positive standings with Trigs in order to use NPC station services and access home systems.

Operating as an officer of the Pochven PD requires light roleplay and occasional paperwork.

Join the Pochven 911 channel in-game for questions.

Pochven PD is a co-founder of the new Red Skies Alliance, along with Blades of Dawn. We are ex-Stribog members with tons of experience living in this space. Come join the fun in space hell!

Join now to learn the ropes of Pochven and get paid to blow stuff up!

Come make your home under the mysterious red skies of Pochven!

Get paid to keep the killboard happy. Everone loves a happy killboard. :slight_smile:

Changes are coming to Pochven and now is the time to get in and make a home in space hell. Join the “Pochven 911” channel in game or contact me!

PvP pilots needed. Apply today!

Still looking for a handful of active PvP pilots to fill out the force.

Pochven is getting busy again now that the seagulls are crying and flying away, which means lots of targets for us.

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