Pochven filaments questions

Some questions about the Pochven in/out filaments:

  1. Can you activate and jump through a filament if you are being warp scrammed, disrupted, or webified?

  2. Can you activate and jump through a filament if you’re caught in a warp bubble?

  3. I know you have to be fleeted to use a filament (even if it’s just with yourself), but do you have to be the FC to activate the filament? Or, can any member of the fleet activate it and bring the fleet through?


1./2. Can’t take when warp disrupted
3. You have to be fleet boss

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To add on to 1:

You cannot have a combat timer so you cannot take a filament in any of those situations you describe. Not sure if you can take one while webbed by an NPC, but you certainly cannot when under attack by a player.

In short: you cannot use filaments to run from a pvp fight, unless you managed to run for 15 minutes succesfully already.

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This ones doesn’t give you a weapon or log-off timer. At least they didn’t use to. I hope they still don’t.

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