Pochven solo and income

Anyone who visits “ Otela” please tell my regards. Red Federations old home system .

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I wish I read this post. did the same thing yesterday. bleh…

managed to jump into the same system with no drones except for a nyx 3 times in a row. some other systems with no drones, and at least got one system with drones I could kill for small positive standings.

also tried shooting some trigs in some hacs but didn’t have anywhere near the tank to deal with the leshaks.

if you are in a small group and don’t care about standings seems like there’s plenty of stuff to shoot, guess the question is the loot worth it?

Depends, the rogue drone wrecks salvage as if they were trig wrecks, the majority of value in the loot comes from the interstellar nav logs which you use to buy things for LP like skillbooks although you’ll have to work out values yourself

I’m mostly interested with the zero-point field manipulator since they seem to be the main bottleneck in t2 trig production. Also seems like a decent amount of red loot from trigs.

And the nav logs looks super useful for buying bpcs and skills from trigs directly. game was saying they were worth ~20k each.

Yup, they can be purchased in the trig LP store, here is a brief breakdown of whats available without costs

Ok so what ship can I get into pochven space with and start to gain standings? Battleship? An Ishtar?

Small and fast, cloaky or special. Check KB for suggestions. Generic BSs and Ishtar will just generate a loss mail.


Not sure you’ll find any nice suggestions.

Most who live in T-Space hunt anyone entering with a passion. Most player own structures are closed ports to anyone not already allowed access (this also includes other T-Space groups from different sectors.)
Add to this to dock at NPC stations you need better standing than -0.05,but much higher to refit, and even more to repair.

Plus to fly through border systems a standing of +1.00, internal systems a standing of +3.00. Won’t even bother with home systems.

So you might be able to find your way in, but you can’t fly out of systems till you have standing, and the NPC roaming fleets aren’t your normal nullsec ones, and you can’t rely on capital ships to help against Drifter Doomsday ships.

So think every carefully before flying into T-Space, can you afford to loose it, as everyone/thing will do their best to make it happen.

I did it with cormorants.

You just need to kill one rat, dock, wait for the tick. Rinse, and repeat.

Yeah those are the DED LP stores, the trig LP stores differ

Mobile Depots are your friend

Aslong as you can dock in an NPC station you can start living there, refitting and repping are easily resolved with a mobile depot

I guess its a good job you don’t need a capital to deal with sleeper doomsdays then eh :stuck_out_tongue:

True, but also a great place to get killed, every T-Space systems forces scan down any/every deployable and bookmark them.

In some cases response fleets leave cloaked ships on these waiting for known active players to web and kill when they warp to depot.

So yes they are good, but they also make for good trap points in T-Space.

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Sure, but thats why you don’t use the same location twice, just create a mid-warp and delete it after you’ve refit, you just have to watch d-scan for probes while you’re out

Anyone who keeps re-using the same spot deserves to have someone freedom dispensed on the union of your pod and ship


Does anyone know why the Trigs sometimes aggro without any obvious reason? I have 3.1 standings with trigs and was just salvaging some drone wrecks when the Raznaborgs showed up. First blue, then switching to red and attacked. A few minutes later I warped to a gate where Trigs were fighting with drones. I was only shooting and target painting the Drone Battleship and the Trigs again switched to red and destroyed my ship.

There’s been bug with that since invasion started.

CCP have been told about this bug.

Does getting a negative standing with Drifters in Pochven mean that those Autothysian Lancers would attack in hisec?

If so, is it possible to repair a negative Drifter standing?

no effect AFAIK

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… and no, no repair. But no downside as of now.

According to their faction overview they are neutral towards everyone but are hated by Triglavians and Edencom. So I guess it’s not possible to have positive standings with their faction. Not sure if you will loose standings by killing them. Never bothered to try outside of an event. Their superweapon hurts a little bit.