Pod Fitting

I recently saw a kill mail where one of the pilots involved was flying in a pod which appears to have a warp disruptor fitted. How is that done?

His ship blowed up. Then his pod was killed. The last weapon he used was a warp scrambler on his ship. This is zkillboard, I presume? Just an artifact.

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This is the correct answer.

Even on in-game killmails, it’ll show up like that. Happens all the time.

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I think I actually have, from back in 2011 when i joined, i picked up a fitting for a pod…i’ll see if its still on my mains fit window, and drop it here.
and yes i know even back in 2011, pods couldn’t be fit with anything.

hmm either i deleted it, or from the several game enhancements (if you can call it that) the fitting was lost.

maybe it was implants, idk, but it was listed under fittings.