Pod Gates (or something similar) to quickly move through high sec

But instead player agency, we get instant travel filaments and other garbage. Nowadays eve feels so tiny…

I think I’d rather see additional changes to jump clone mechanics than capsule only gates.

I get it that even with jump clones, you need to have a jump clone located where you want to get to, but some easing of the current cooldown and additional clones might be more in keeping with EVE as it is.

However, if player groups could put up capsule only gates and charge for their use, that would also be interesting.

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+1 to improving jump clones (more clone slots, better mechanics for cooldown management) as the solve for this. It’s even in the name of the feature: jump clones.


Another take on this could be permanent NPC cynos that only NPC jump frieghters use, and the ability for a pod to hitch a ride on one, like a bus…and have a schedule for them. Naturally the cynos would be to and from somewhat backwater systems and nothing straight to Jita.

Pod gankers would love something like pod gates or systems with pods pouring out.

But do they increase or decrease PVP?

In general, jump clones increase PvP by making players able to take part in more PvP fleets, like NPSI fleets out of Jita, while losing less of their play time to just traveling across the map.

Reducing cooldowns, or increasing clone slots, is unlikely to make a material difference to gank opportunities vs someone traveling in an travel interceptor due to how difficult travel interceptors are to fit - and it ensures the player is not transporting anything other than themselves. In contrast to a pod-only gate, which actually allows players to relocate valuable implant assets, jump clones move only the player’s interaction capability, and none of their assets.

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Don’t give them any ideas

And gankers rejoiced.

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Where is profit there is risk. Much better option than 100% safe instant travel.

No argument there. A gankers would love to hit a bunch of clones. That being the case, such a service would become infrequently utilized.

I’d be a big supporter of the player gates if only a few or maybe one or only a few were allowed per highsec/lowsec region or something. Make it super competitive to control

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There is no difference between bunch of implants vs bunch of items. And even when using gates proposed by OP, there still will be ganks at them, because “gankers would love to hit a bunch of clones”. Also without volume per clone etc. talking about ganking is pointless since there is no single information on what will be needed for gank. Especially when main thought behind this idea is not hisec travel. Ganking is no argument here. Jump clone services are widely available. Even with use of public citadels (no cooldown). There is no point in making hisec travel even easier.