Point of origion beacon

an idea struck me when i was exploring Null Sec, and have a very difficult time trying to locate a wormhole exit to low or high sec


A return needle jack that links to a beacon, that was set up at the jump point in the drop in system that is temporary

buy a beacon with relevant needlejack (time limited)

fleet purchase becon, each person carries the return NJ
1 day beacon
3 day beacon
5 day beacon
they self destruct on timed out if you do not jump out u are stuck until your find a way

also use with explorer class ships only (probe, astero, etc)

T1 and T2 use via skills training

i was stuck in Null for 4 days and can’t find a way out i had to run the gauntlet of 40 jumps

return needle jack that is linked to beacon and drop in point you cannot leave unless you are n the drop point or system

when activated it will return you to high sec or low sec depending needlejack, but drops you with 5 jumps from PoO

this would help out newbies like me get out of null

alternately add more wh in null say extra 2 per region

Was it an expensive ship? Did you have solid gold implants in your head? If not, getting home is easy.

40 jumps? Were you in a slow ship? Maybe I should know this, but I don’t. Perhaps the trig filaments would have helped. One to enter Pochven and one to exit. They’re not that expensive. I assume they work from null. Not sure.
Fly cheap and the pod express is the best way.

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