'Polybolos' Ballistic Control System does not work with mutaplasmid

Hi CCP, just a quick heads up - this module isn’t working with the mutaplasmid for BCUs. Probably a slight oversight I imagine and easy to fix.

All other BCUs mutate except this one.

Probably because this isn’t a normal BCU, it has an extra stat over the normal ones which wouldn’t get mutated and its a “limited time” item, are there any other limited mods that can be mutated?

The Guristas BCU’s can be mutated(the ones that also give Bonus to Drone DPS).
So it makes sense to make this also possible with the Mordus BCU’s

Oversight I think, its one of many in the last event, it was obviously made in haste before release.

The guristas BCU is labelled as faction though not “limited time”, are there any other blue icon mods that can be mutated

Im thinking once that time has expired, it will revert to faction?

One way or another, it is an inconsistency that they cannot mutate.

Depends, because if the plan is to have limited items not be mutatable that would be consistent, you’re “assuming” that CCP intended for these to be on the mutate list, afaik we have not yet had a limited module that was in a group that had mutaplasmids available, the guristas BCU showed as faction from day 1, so it can’t really be called inconsistent when we aren’t really sure what the stance on limited items is even supposed to be :stuck_out_tongue:

You are being contrarian. As all BCU to date are plasmid good, its reasonable to expect this new one is. The new feature of limited items is a new feature and as such may involve bugs. I was born on Vulcan m8 but nice try.

Only if your “assumption” is correct, without knowing what CCP’s actual plan is nobody can say with 100% certainty that they are supposed to be on the mutate list, this is the first BCU to include a different stat, so while this “may” be a bug, there is no guarantee that this is the case you cannot say for sure that it is meant to be on the list without being a developer, assumption as they say, is the mother of all ■■■■ ups :stuck_out_tongue:

I noticed it wasnt addressed in the January patch - does this mean it is a permanent situation or are these BCU going to be granted mutation ability?

My assumption was and is that not including them in the mutatable was a design choice. If it is, we could see it as the co-existence of balance by compromise and balance by cost factor. I bought a bunch anyway, because I think they can be a reasonable choice just how they are now for specific scenarios.

Just out of curiosity, did you buy a couple of thousand and were hoping these will go through the roof if they could be mutated? :slight_smile:

Mutate everything! \o/

I just want to mutate them and wonder why I cannot, and I know others would like to do so as well.

I am just trying to help CCP.

I would very much like to mutate these mods. #CCPLS

Can confirm, I’d love to start rolling with them. Makes them so much more useful :slight_smile:

I think at this point its probably safe to assume this is by design, because i assume you already filled out a bug report, because if the BR was closed its not a bug

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