Poor performance latest WINE update

Today it looks like there was a big update with WINE and with EVE also. I’m noticing significant performance issues particularly while warping via a Stargate. Sometimes the game will even freeze until well after the animation is complete.

rMBP 15", i7, 16GB RAM, with a AMD Radeon Pro 45 on the latest version of macOS Catalina

Confirmed I got the same problems.

With the Release before everything worked fine.

My System: iMac 27" i9 8GB RAM, AMD Radeon Pro Vega 48
Here you can see some Details:

Same problem (and more). Worked fine yesterday. Today? Unplayable:

Client: 1641539

2019 iMac OS 10.14.6
Retina 5K, 27"
3.7 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory: 32GB
Graphics: Radeon Pro 580X, 8GB

Running client in windowed mode 3200x1800
Mac is set to default display setting

When alt-tabbing, the client is unresponsive for about 5 seconds. Then the window goes blank (except it’s entirely BLUE) before graphics return and are interactive.

Extreme retardation of input results.
Warping/Gate use stops & starts several times, graphics freezing
At times, the client freezes completely for between a couple of seconds to almost a minute, at which time, the game seems to “catch up” like a very fast time lapse before bogging down again and repeating the same behavior.

I can forward log files if you’d like.

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