Porpoise/Ocra mods


to have an in build fitting service for Fleet use for the porpoise or create a mode for high slot

Fleet FIT service Rig or high slot - trade a slot

useful, as the orca can offer the fitting service, why does the porpoise not have it, everyone in fleet mining has to carry a Mobile depot, not ideal when in a WH or null and you need to swap mining gear to gas collection or travel fit, only in in fleet allow porpoise pilot to access fitting service


Fitting service is available to all in fleet except Orca pilot they have to carry an mobile Depot

why does the ocra pilot not have access to fitting service in the orca this only come live when in fleet is turn on, and dedicated to the orca and porpoise only

Do not take Orca iot WH or Low sec
Will take porpoise in Low and Wh as fleet mining support and does not have the in built Fit service

No ship should be able to refit itself on-the-fly. That would be extremely broken. The Orca has the fleet refit feature because it has a fleet bay. The Porpoise does not…

I dont really see how it would be broken. You can already refit if you have a mobile depot. Thats just one extra step.

Yep, a mobile depot that takes up 50m3 of your cargo space and takes 1 minute to anchor. It’s not instant…

50m3 in an orca is nothing. Especially now with compression. The minute to anchor is a little bit of an annoyance, however, that same time and space are required for every ship that doesnt have a fitting service. So allowing an Orca to refit itself isnt giving it an edge over anything else. It is making it even. Can you provide real hard points that would prove it would unbalance anything. Because I highly doubt it. But I would like to know if there really is a good reason.

And no using while you have a weapons timer, which is the big one.

I think the reason is that you actually have to allow technicians from the refit platform onto your ship to initiate refits. These big ships have problems fitting into the fleet hangars of ships the same size as itself on its own, but it can be done. Reffiting yourself, however, cannot be done by your own technicians. IDK, just making stuff up here.

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