POS removal and Capital Storage in Wormholes

Unless there is some other type of “beach head” structure in the works, once Player Owned Stations are removed the cheapest way to store a capital in a wormhole would be a Fortizar. which will put capital ships outside the scope of most smaller wormhole corps.

There is also a need for an invasion beach head structure. As demonstrated by the recent invasion of Rage, the first structure dropped in that case was a POS.

Player owned FOB are planned, it was showed one (two ?) year ago in a fanfest presentation.

The existing structures work just fine for that purpose, as HKI has demonstrated in the past when they invaded Inner Hell’s wormhole and placed structures and defended their onlining timer.

There is absolutely no need whatsoever for more structure spam. It is already bad enough as it is and favoring huge groups even more with these easy to anchor, easy to deploy structures does no one any good.

By the looks of it, these useless Player FOBs are not going to have capital docking or tethering.

If you can fly caps and own them you also have the isk for a Fortizar…

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Well, lets see:

Well fitted Dread = 3 - 5 bil.
Fortizar Hull alone = 10 bil.

I think not.

  • BTW a large POS tower is circa 300 mil.

Caps. Plural. If you only have a single cap not a big drama doing the logging off method. Once you have multiple caps you can afford a fort.

POS also only allowed a tiny number of Caps. 1 fort will do large numbers. (infinite in theory but I’m sure at some point you would have 2 for security)

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If you’re worrying about a structure to defend a single dread, you’re doing it wrong.

OK… So Imagine someone living solo in a crab hole. At least to begin wih not all such pilots can afford a Fort.

Without a POS to park the unpiloted ratting dread it pretty much means the dread pilot cannot leave their ship whether logged off or not.


Don’t live solo in a crab hole? You might have to change how you do things and actually go home at the end of each session which may involve some hole rolling and maybe even some inbetween holes and risk.
Or just safe log off if you really must.
You are basically asking to have your cake of isk farming and to eat it also with safety and convenience at the same time.

You need a second or even third char anyway for hauling, rolling and scouting.

Where is the problem then in just logging of with the cap pilot?

Also WHs give so much isk it’s just farming a few hours to finance a fort…

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