"possibility" and "rebellion"

Hello there, I didn’t know where to post this so if it’s not at the right place, sorry :confused:

Let’s say, hypothetically, that I’ve been hoarding various mercenaries and freedom fighters inside Amarr emperor family’s station.

and, still hypothetically, if a military coup was to be launched, how much, “in theory” would I need to overcome the security forces of the station?

Of course it is a purely academical study :slight_smile:

Umbre Fallenstars

The answer to your question is “1, but only if he’s bad@#$% enough!” /s

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Only if it’s Chuck Norris you mean…

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Alternatively “more than you’ve got” is also a suitable answer.


The only alternative to Chick Norris is losing.

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Given the Station is not the seat of Government for the Empire, precisely 0 would be needed for a coup given no coup could take place.

Hypothetically speaking, you’d also have an extremely hard time convincing the Empire to bend the knee to yourself and instead would be treated as a terrorist and hunted as such.

Alternatively if you just meant taking the station, what would you do with it given in the unlikely event of your success it’d be blockaded? Not like you’d have much value from a giant floating coffin outside gaining some “infamy” while waiting for the inevitable.

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I know that the empress isn’t living in here H24, but it’s still a commercial hub and even if it’s for 24 hours, it could show that Amarr is not as great as they think it is, without counting all the slaves we could liberate.

I don’t really want to make the empire “bend the knee” to me or anyone, I just want to save slaves and make the empire loss millions if not billions in trade taxes.

sure but if a blockade is established after a coup that would imply those slaves are now stuck in there with your hypothetical coup friends, and would be likely considered complicit if not at the least material to be recovered.

I dunno, it seems like a large risk for very little gain outside of noise. Don’t expect CONCORD to ignore it either and let any capsuleers continue enjoying their freedoms and priviledges, capsuleers breaking their tentative leashes by way of arms and taking over stations become a threat to all the Empires.

Given that this is one of the most secure stations in the empire, you’d probably need AT LEAST a 10 to 1 numerical advantage, assuming all of your soldiers are cyborgs raised from birth to do nothing but kill.

For what you’ve got, the manpower requirements exceed the capacity of the station to house them without attracting the attention of the Imperial Customs agents.

And trust me, you do NOT want to go down that road.

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