Possibility of a new ship catagory

Hello fellow capsuleers!
I’m not a game Dev, but I think that this new type of ships may be viable.

Monitors- battleships that receive a medium cannon/missile bonus, has better tracking and range with those guns(tracks frigates with some difficulties, but can easily track cruisers with MWD on), dealing about 400 DPS (max skills) with 8 medium guns. They will have a warp speed bonus, warp at 1.5 au/s but get an extra 0.4au/s per battleship command skill level, and They Also have the power to operate coaxial weapons, which are integrated within the ship.

Those coaxial weapons have a range of 125km and deals 70000 Total damage depending on the speed and sig.radius of the target (damage radius 5000m). The Coaxial weapon rounds take different times to Travel through the 125km.

Amarr: laser charges for 10s, fires for 3s, dealing 24500 DPS(em, therm)
(smaller ships.take less damage)
Caldari: missile will hit After 30s, 70000 dph, explosion speed 65m/s(can use specialized damage missiles)
Gallente: range reduced to 35km, plasma launcher charges for 5s and fires for 2s ,dealing 40000 DPS
(smaller ships take less damage)(therm, kin)
Minmatar:Rocket-propelled projectile cannon charges for 6s and fires, the round travels to the target in 12s. 58000 dph, explosion speed 65m/s(exp, kin)

If a Monitor has launched the main weapon, it would always show the aggression mark on the Overview, giving its prey time to escape.

Coaxial weapons are not buff-able, only operable if it activates its special mode(1.5 min duration), and They cost a lot of Cap. the mode Also makes remote bonuses useless on the ship, and makes the ship immobile.Coaxial weapons have a low ammo capacity(about 6-7 rounds) before needing to be reloaded(5 min reload) again, and one cycle takes a minute. As the name suggests, the weapon is Coaxial, so it will take a lot of agility to aim it by alligning, making it have less free slots.

These battleships have very low health(7k-7k-7k) and even less slots(5-5-4 for a shield ship, 5-3-5 for an armor ship) so They need to be strategically placed, but one Monitor creates a lot of threat for a capsuleer fleet as it can potentially leave a fleet heavily wounded.

These battleships Also take a lot of materials to manufacture as They’re T3, about 1.5b/ ship.

This may bring some skill to the game, and this could Also potentially make smaller corporations more powerful because they can handle larger subcap fleets with very few monitors around a stargate(about 4 synchronized hits can completely Wipeout any standard fleet in the kill area), and this Also makes scout ship like asteros more useful in fleet combat.Asteros can guide the Monitor fleet to pre-charge or guide the subcap fleet to warp away, or overload their resists.

Fleet commanders would Also have to use fast thinking and the agility of the fleet to escape from potentially deadly gate camps, otherwise They’ll have to use something to bridge the fleet in. However, a Monitor gate camp is completely avoidable.

A group of Monitors may be extremely dangerous to anything, but one Monitor costs almost as much as a carrier(hull), so the risks are high too.

Again, I’m not a game Dev or a balancing expert(nor have I been a fleet commander), so please be friendly when you leave your opinion.
If you guys are interested too Please leave a comment below.

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Rule of thumb on the forums, if anyone uses the word “interesting” (or variations of) in order to support their idea, it’s a terrible idea.

This rule remains true today.


—> https://forums.eveonline.com/c/technology-research/player-features-ideas/74

Okay, the ability for four 1.5billion isk ships to be able to completely wipe out subcap fleets would be super oppressive to subcap PvP.

Um, I’m not a game designer either, but I would think that you might want to ask a few questions.

Is there a problem that this ship hopes to address? Will it encourage any type of play? Does it have valid counters? How will it feel to have it used on your fleets? What are all the ways that players might be able to use/abuse it?

In fact, we probably have it back asswards. It’s probably better to start off with a goal (i.e. fix an identified problem), and then figure out what mechanics and or ships might achieve those goals.

Man, you really hate Caldari and Minmatar, huh? They only get DPH, while the others get DPS.

70000 DPH are only about 19 DPS. Not exactly fleet-destroying. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The dph matters. High dph means that most subcaps would be heavily wounded After taking 1 hit in its explosion radius.

Thank you for your suggestions. However, I believe I have addressed all of those questions except one.

fleets are basically blobs of players that fire at the same time, so this ship’s presence would force the opponent’s FC to make quick decisions and burn away from the kill zone(which could result in a time delay). Individuals should also try to save their ships by burning away, and later rejoining, Thus giving individuals power to decide on their own. Fleets should be fluid, able to divide and rejoin with ease, which takes more skill.(less f1 monkeying)

For a MWD ship it’s about 5s for them to burn 3.5km from rest, so here’s the valid counter(and jump field generators) . Additionally, the opponent can Also decide to have multiple squad leaders and split their fleet, rejoining later in their safe. Clearly it’s a fast (warping) but brittle battleship with a large gun and 8 medium guns intended to be used as Anti-air guns, so about any battlecruiser that tanks ~500 DPS can solo( and win) a fight against this ship. Any MJD battlecruiser/battleship squadron would be highly effective in countering this ship, so It takes a lot of skill(and cooperation) to play this ship, otherwise They would have to use another fleet to guard all of their Monitors.

Since this ship deals little damage when not using the main gun, it poses a low threat without the main gun.

The Coaxial weapon cannot be used in Highsec.

Red Dwarf class mining ship or go home.


What this seems like to me is basically a Battleship which can easily hit cruisers, while also having a type of mini doomsday. At least in my opinion, that would be extremely overpowered. I could possibly see a Battleship getting medium turret bonuses, but even with that, you have the Battle cruiser class already. The AOE of the Coaxial weapon system can be effectively achieved with bombs from a Stealth Bomber. I’m sure there could be some decent ideas thrown around about this, but as it stands, it seems like the ship would simply be overpowered, while also having it’s applications already achievable in game by different ship classes.

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