Possible odd mission fit request

Right now I’m in Amarr grinding to unlock level 4 missions. I have a Machariel (which I can T2 fit), and a Nightmare (only meta 4 guns for now). I’m looking for a non blitz fit though. Something with decent cap (preferably stable), and a good tank setup. I just came back to the game, and I’m missing the days of jumping into Angel Extravaganza in a Navy Domi and just aggro everything using dual reps while cap stable. Or my old Speed / armor tank cap stable machariel. Unfortunately I no longer have those fits saved, and can’t be sure they would even work anymore. Any help is appreciated.

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The mach lost lotsa range and a low was converted to a mid, so fitting active shield is better now. Which incidentally means more lows for moar nanos !!
The range loss is an issue though.

vs amarr you will have a bit of tracking disruptor, so maybe missile would be better. domi can sit and shoot, a MJD allows you to reposition to distance if rats get under your sentries guns.
geddon with missiles and sentries should be also very good, especially since it can be armor fit and thus tank the amarr rats better than shield fit machariel.

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