Possible to disable most graphics?

Is there any way to disable most of the graphics while in space? I really only care about the HUD, Overview, Ship Bays and those things. Specifically I’d like to disable all the space graphics including ships, space, everything like that.

Is it possible (without any breaking the EULA kind of stuff)?

hi @zluq_zabaa

you can turn the grafic setings to low on all points but you cant disable planets nd such stuff
good thing is you cant disable other ships . you should see when you get ganked :wink:


Not to the extend that you’re probably looking for. If it’s just brackets that are too much you can change that in the overview settings.

I trust my overview settings and wouldn’t have to see the actual ship for that. Of course in many situations it is nice to see the surroundings and in manual piloting fights it is totally necessary, but there are scenarios where I would be happy to spare processing time, because I really only need hard facts and no graphics. I’m not sure if I ever got ganked btw.

Okay, thanks. I might bring it up as a suggestion for larger fights as it should likely improve client performance when having a large amount of chars in space, although not server performance.


yea i see your way of thinking … well you cant switch off ships, planets and other stuff completle but you can turn down the graficsettings to “potato” mode … when you press ESC … on the left side … you can turn down all settings to low … then you need really spare processing time

thats the only thing i know to bring EVE down in needing

i used to play that way on my old old notebook

hope it helps



Just say no to text-only gaming.

If that text only option was possible in the official client, I would try it. Not saying that I would stick with it, but I’d definitely want to give it a go.


EVE Online wireframe mode ftw

Press F10 (I use the old map), use Solar System view, zoom out (not completely necessary).

When you are docked, the station services on the right will minimise to the Neocom, just click the icon to bring them back up while staying in “black screen” mode. Flying around is fine, you will have your overview / chat / bays etc but I find it helpful to have a list of links to destination systems in corp MOTD or a ingame notepad entry.



Awesome, I thought about trying the same with PI, but didn’t think of the map. Would you say performance is better in larger scale situations?

It doesn’t fit a regular terminal session, but it certainly has better layout than the MUDs I used to play as a kid. EVE in keyboard only, no graphics mode, me gusta.

What is your goal?

That’s easy. You can begin by turning off sound and music, which saves a whole thread.
All graphics to minimum, not sure if LOD settings matter.

One of the most important parts is playing in true full-screen so you can crank up VSYNC … the interval.
The higher you put VSYNC, the more time your CPU will spend waiting for the VSYNC to happen.

You can do even better, by additionally lowering your resolution and adapting the text size accordingly. That way the GPU has to render even less, which translates into more waiting for VSYNC by the cpu.

And last but not least, you can get even a tiny bit more by pinning the game to a specific real core, which are 0, 2, 4, 6, 8. Logicals you need to avoid, which are 1,3,5,7, etc. That way you stop the absolutely stupid and performance costing windows scheduler from continuously moving around the game’s process.

There’s more, but there we’d be reaching into overkill territory. : - )


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